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    me and my boyfirend do do it a lot but not quite sure what it means
    is an eskimo kiss meant to mean anything? what does kissing mean exacly?
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    Her hand on my inner thigh or lap is quite sexy.

    Inside of their wrist. Shoulders. The spot just behind their ear.

    Or that was one of my exs. Ha.

    Guys usually seem to love getting their ears kissed, drives them crazy as it seems, and their chest, because of where you might be going next
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    My bloke doesnt like his ears being kissed, odd... never thought to ask him why.

    Anyway, he likes to be touched on the back of his neck and if we are in public, say at a bus stop or in his living room with his parents, he will pull my head to his chest (only if he has his arm around me already and we are sitting)

    He also, like someone said above, like my hand on his upper thighs. (whether we are in public or not)

    Not in public he likes being touched EVERYWHERE! esp having his stomach and chest stroked.

    Oh and he takes my arm and makes me stroke the top of neck/bottam of hair bit so it looks like in scratching his head.

    As for being kissed he is simple and likes the lips and cheeks.

    Hes really the tye of man who likes to do the touching and kissing and goes for the forehead and hand for kissing and bottam of the back for touching and my shoulders hen they are bare. And my hip. Hes a bit od but its nice!

    anywhere really, they want to make the kiss/contact, they should do so where they think would feel good! i do like being kissed/touched on anywhere from the chest up

    it depends how its done really and where we are
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