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    (Original post by A-LJLB)
    you know your "best friend" is still really into her ex
    Don't remember reading that in the OP but sure, that being the case, it's shady. Otherwise, fair game!

    (Original post by babyshawte)
    When your "best friend" shags your ex, you will understand, simples
    Never going to happen (and not just because I have no friends) :gah:

    Out of respect for your friend, you should've waited. A week is not really a long time to have already slept together 4 times! But also out of respect for your friend, you need to tell her.

    I had a friend do this to me and I never knew until 2 years later and I can tell you it still hurts like hell. The worst part is actually the not-knowing. It would be better to tell her as this guy is obviously not into a long-term serious relationship and she needs to move on. Be totally honest. Don't leave anything out. The thing that hurt me most from my experience was all the sneaking around, and then both of them acting like my best friends.

    It would be different if the relationship had deteriorated a lot prior to the breakup to the extent that there was no romance but this sounds less deep. It would also be different if you and the guy had genuine feelings and are looking long-term, but even then you need to be private about it for a while until it's a less sensitive issue. I doubt this guy cares too much though from your descriptions of him, best to just tell your friend honestly, no point talking to the guy he just wants sex.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Basically, long story, short.

    My best friend broke up with her on again off again bf,maybe a week ago. Me and her ex work together so on the day they broke up I went to ask what happened and we ended up making out at work.
    Since then we've slept together 3-4 times, this is nothing like me to do this kinda thing, but today my friend told me she wants to get back with him and asked me to help her. I feel really bad as I knew that she would want to get back with him but I don't know what to do, if I should tell her we've been sleeping together or if I should help etc.
    Any advice would be good.
    Idk why people are saying that this was perfectly ok to do. You should have an emotional connection to your best friend which would make it quite obvious that this is the wrong thing to do.
    If you truly care about your friend or what he/she thinks you would ask them how they would feel about you having sex/relationship with their ex. Sure you don't need to ask and you are certainly under no obligation to not have sex with whoever you please but its common sense to know that your mate had a connection with a girl your about to go and see and that he/she probably will feel uncomfortable (especially so soon) with you seeing said girl.
    Not saying anything - doing the deed and then helping the 2 in question back together is snakey as ****.

    Obviously OP i'm not going to harass you for doing something which I believe is wrong but I do think that you should know that it was the wrong thing to do. That being said I think the best thing for you to do is tell your best friend straight away and if shes okay with it then perfect but if she is not then you must deal with the responsibilities of your actions.
    It is completely wrong to avoid consequence and not tell her and help the 2 back together again. You must confront her, tell the truth, take responsibility and then go from there.

    Nobody has principles these days...
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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