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    was this for pharmacy? and what foundation course did you do if you don't mind me asking; I'm in the same position atm!

    (Original post by RachaelBee)
    Can't decide if you're saying you don't believe me or if you want an actual explanation of what happened haha! Short version is I was working full time while I did my A levels which was hard enough, then I got sick and lost about 18 months to ill health and I ended up on a foundation year at Greenwich. I then applied to King's not expecting anything to come of it (spur of the moment, late applicant, friends on course got rejected etc), then I got a conditional offer and then met my conditions. I'm a mature student and I have relevant work experience so I think that might have contributed to me getting an offer, plus once I got better I was actually getting decent grades. It all came as a huge shock to me.

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    was this for pharmacy? and what foundation course did you do if you don't mind me asking; I'm in the same position atm!
    I did Natural Sciences at Greenwich but chose 2 specific modules needed to continue onto Pharmacy; Pharmacology and Biochemistry which I scored highly in (75% and 80%). I'm now doing Pharmacology and Molecular Genetics. I don't want to sound patronising but what I do isn't the same as pharmacy at all; hopefully you know that but a fair few people on my course at Greenwich didn't realise that until they got to uni and dropped out because they felt the pass ark they needed for pharmacy was unobtainable.

    (Original post by Edulcorante)
    I just had a look through this thread and what the OP said kind of resonates. People talk about league tables and stuff but people I've heard went to King's seem to be really miserable about it. They always grumble about stuff like not feeling valued etc etc but what does that actually mean? Any specifics?
    I'm having a great time but the huge class sizes mean you do sort of get swallowed up and it's hard to get to know your lecturers, but last week I was hospitalised and I have actually felt super supported and bumped into one of my lecturers today who remembered my name and stopped me to ask how I was getting on and made allowances for my health when I needed it. All issues I've heard from KCL are the same as at a lot of high ranking, research focused unis but it's not as bad as people make out. I hear a lot of people on my course (we have a 150 strong group chat) complaining about stuff but they've come straight from sixth form/college and they're upset because they're not being spoon fed and as someone who has done self teaching, evening classes, and a transitional year at a uni that does things a little differently but whilst still expecting you to be more independent it's really frustrating to listen to.

    Thank you for addressing my question, Rachael.

    I still have concerns that KCL seems to have very low satisfaction levels compared to other high-ranked, research-intensive unis, but it was good to see your perspective.

    (Original post by chipzee)
    Guys, the reality is that education in the UK is basically the same everywhere. They have their UK standards everywhere. Lecturers are messy everywhere - they skip deadlines, sometimes lectures. But that's life isn't it? I think the student satisfaction of Kings, UCS, LSE, etc. is low, because people expect too much. And they should - those are expensive universities. Still, I think your experience there is determined by you and you only. I used to study in a welsh university, pretty low on the rankings, but I rocked it! Had a great time, there weren't many opportunities, but I managed to create a few for myself and all of this for 1/3 of the price, because the welsh government pays part of the loan to keep it low.

    You can always change direction later in your life. And King's, or UCL, etc. is a very good starting point. I was accepted at UCL this year (yeah, with my baaaad university degree) and I declined the offer and went for another PG one at King's. I chose the better course, rather than the better name. My friend declined an offer from UCL for the same reason and went to City.

    Plus, I saw an article that graduates from King's have better employment rates that graduates from Oxford. Please don't worry about your choice, make the most of it and if you like it - you can pursue it further somewhere else. And if the King's is really bad for your taste and abilities, well that means it should be a piece of cake for you.
    Yes, I started my first year last month and it has been quite a messy experience. The lectures and deadlines are all over the place but at least the people are nice xD
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