I'm a black, gay, ex-Muslim, bio undergrad, AMA.


    When did you lose control of your life?

    (Original post by AMuslimGuy)
    Salaam Rohan. Much respect for your advocacy of civil dialogue. It is a precondition of all advancement of knowledge in society.But in that spirit, I will try to show you how your interpretation of the story of Lut is mistaken, and that by promoting your view in an undifferentiated manner you are hurting a significant minority of mankind and making Islam seem cruel when it really is not.The sin of the people of Lut was "coming unto (grown) males (rijaal) in lust in place of women", or in another place it says "coming unto males (dhukran) and leaving aside the partners created for you". But for the ancient world, the meaning of "male" was more nuanced than our modern strictly anatomical definition.In ancient times, they recognised that certain persons of male sex were nonetheless physically unaroused by women, and unable to obtain erections with women or perform sexually with women, and for this reason, were not "male" in gender. Instead, they were defined as eunuchs, not males. Such persons are referred to in sura 24:31 even, as "not possessors of the skill of males", i.e. not experiencing arousal and sexual prowess with female partners.Consequently, they are not intended by the story of Lut. That story is about persons who sexually assault men who are "male" in the ancient sense, which they do in order to humiliate and disenfranchise them, or simply out of a lack of respect for them as men. It is about military and prison rape of men. It certainly has nothing to do with the sexual activities of gay men, who are innately insensitive to the attractions of women, and are therefore natural eunuchs, or khisyan in Arabic, and therefore are not "male" by the ancient definition of the term. And of course, sexual use of "males" obviously has nothing to do with sexual activities of women with other women.Gay men and women have been known to exist throughout human history, and their sex lives were never a problem, until certain people, who happened to be straight men, started misapplying religious scriptures to gay men, which were always before understood to apply only to abuse of non-gay men.And by now, so many innocent gay men and women, created that way by Allah (swt) the Knowing and Powerful, have been brutally mistreated and even killed on account of this ignorant or even malicious misinterpretation. Ultimately, the source of this misinterpretation is not any prophet, but the Greek philosopher Plato, who (in his dialogues on the Republic and on Laws) taught men to twist scriptures toward what he considered a morally superior direction. Religious leaders, even without knowing it anymore, are simply doing Plato's bidding, and inflicting injustice on some of Allah's favoured and blessed people.
    You are the one twisting scripture here, and it's frankly disgusting to try to use the book of Allah to defend such immorality.

    So when the Quran mentions Lut (AS) offering his daughters to the people, he meant to offer them to be raped and humiliated, yes? Obviously not. He offered his daughters in marriage because homosexual acts are condemned. Also, if it were the case that the Quran refers to the violent rape and humiliation of men, then why would hadith indicate to kill the one doing sodomy and the one to whom it is being done? This clearly indicates that even consentual homosexual sex is considered an abomination in Islam.

    (Original post by AMuslimGuy)
    Nope. Its not a sin. And this is coming from a practicing muslim who has studied islam in depth. Your understanding is from the media hyped lunatic muslims who are clearly crackpots. You choose to accept what they have to say that is your prerogative but do know that you are wrong.
    Making what is clearly haram (by consesus and in the book of Allah and the hadith) halal is a form of Kufr because you are rejecting the words of Allah as intended by Allah and His messenger.
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    (Original post by Allie4)
    surely you can be who you are and still believe in God?
    I never said I didn't believe in a God, I just don't believe in any organised religion, nor do I see the benefit of one. The Abrahamic concept of a God is incredibly humanised; he is an All-Powerful God that demands us to follow rules that he knows is going to lead us to Hell, he is an All-Wise God that is so insecure that he demands us lowly humans to worship him if we want to get into heaven, he's All-Merciful but judges people based on what religion they happen to follow rather than character. No, that's not something I think I could follow.

    (Original post by the bear)
    who would win a cage fight between Carol Vorderman and Kardashian ?
    Any Kardashian.

    (Original post by mcneill98)
    How does a calculator work ?
    Don't know, and I can't even be bothered to google it.

    (Original post by rambapa)
    What language(s) can you think in?
    English. That's about it.

    (Original post by Rohan187)
    Tbh this is the first time I've ever heard of a homosexual somali. They're rarer than Charizard.
    Tbf, there is probably a sizeable population of people from every country that has a particular proportion of gay men and women. Some cultures just do better at suppressing/silencing those people than others.

    (Original post by oShahpo)
    The only thing that would have made this perfect is "ex-Muslim, now Jew".
    I might consider it. I need that happy Hanukah money.
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    (Original post by HighwayUnicorn)
    When did you lose control of your life?
    I'm more in control of my life than ever before.
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