How come a woman's looks seem to be talked about more than her achievements.


    To be honest a large part of why the focus is on someone's looks is down to consumer culture. The assumption in many cases when a woman achieves something great, that an article about it should appeal to women. Because of this, the emphasis becomes about what the woman was wearing, how they present themselves and other superficial things in an attempt to appeal to a female audience.

    In general, women are more primarily judged by their appearance from a long history of men doing so as well. Because men end up valuing a woman by appearance, women followed suit. It's only relatively recently that a woman could be valued publically for anything else, and society (both men and women) are finding it hard to adapt. A large part of this however, is something of a cycle that is causing women to consistently focus on looks and appearance on any kind of public woman.

    (Original post by The_JoKeR)
    The first thing men do when seeing a woman is decide if shes hot or not. Everything else comes after that
    It seems that the vast majority of straight men and women do this, not just men... That does not give people the excuse to just focus on appearance instead of achievement.

    Honestly, what do you expect from a newspaper like The Daily Mail? I haven't seen this in other more intellectual newspapers.

    (Original post by RivalPlayer)
    It's always been about looks and that's not going to change.
    The most scathing appearance-related comments tend to come from other females.
    As a female I have noticed this a lot. However, I don't think that necessarily makes it OK :/ I've chosen my female friends well and they never make *****y appearance based comments, but I just wish other girls would stop. It makes us all look bad.

    (Original post by 13 1 20 8 42)
    Looks are one of the first things men (who like women, that is) will notice about a woman. Men are very visual in terms of sexual attraction and less concerned with achievement, and I'd say that a lot of the time we automatically "assess" women in this way. Some men have large mouths and either a lack of intellect or a simple lack of inclination to override their looks-based reactions, and those of the more extroverted persuasions may see fit to voice them. I mean, I hate to ally with modern feminism on stuff, but it kind of pisses me off too. If someone's hot, they're hot. If someone's, well, not, they're not. You don't have to tell the world. And it is rather irrelevant and shallow to focus so exclusively on it, especially if they have achieved so much more than winning the genetic lottery. Note that I realise that not all the blame goes on men - a lot of women are themselves very looks focused and may note, usually in a tone of envy, when someone who has achieved a lot is also very attractive, or, in a bid to quench their own insecurities, this time in a tone of derision, when they are anything but.

    Don't get me wrong, people can say what they like, of course, and I'm sure many people have nothing but the best intentions when noting somebody else is attractive. I'm just saying I find it irritating sometimes for the stated reasons. (It's also irritating when the same is done to men - rarer, but it happens).
    I agree with your comment. People who use "biology" like one of the posters on this thread confuse me. You should know that it is disrespectful to simply focus on a person's appearance when they are discussing achievements, for example. As humans we are intelligent enough to override our "biological hard wired behaviour".
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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