Why is my bench press so bad?


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    no mate. lifted for twenty five years mate. Pulling and stretching metal since the 80's.old skool!
    25 years ago wasn't the 80s.

    I suck at maths.

    I'm 45. I started lifting in mid teens, like 14-15 or so. So like 84-86 ish Lifted off on on since then. Went through a few years when I didn't train, but mostly consistent.

    Always been a believer in compound basics. Squat and dead-lifts (absolute fundamental - you don't train legs, you don't lift) hams, pecs and mill.press for delts. And some iso. work for postertia deltoids because they're so hard to train, but such an essential stabilising muscle group.And also iso for calves, because they're so hard to target with mass compound moves.

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    OK but that's not abduction.
    what a technical beast

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    So, I started weight training around 3 months ago. I train 4 days a week so: back, chest, arms & Shoulders. I use freeweights for my training.

    I am not doing amazing weights but I am making some progress. For example, at the moment I am lifting 70kg on Seated Row, 50kg shoulder press etc.

    My Bench Press though is terrible. I started around 25kg and have moved up but i've stalled and can't get any further. At the moment I am doing 45kg for 8 reps, sometimes I can get this up to 50kg. It depends on the day though, sometimes I will have to move it down to 40kg.It is not consistent for me and I generally find bench pressing to be taxing and draining - I definitely need to put a lot of effort into it. So, why am I not making improvements? Am I doing bench press correctly? When I compare my body weight 80kg to my bench press my results are mortifying.

    Surely I should be up around 60kg/70kg by now? What do I need to do to improve this?
    This may be a silly question but don't you train legs or core? Training these will strengthen your core, which can support you in the bench press.
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    I wasn't traning my legs but have begun to do so more recently. At home I did not have the machines to do leg training.
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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