There is little enthusiasm for Brexit


    (Original post by Ambitious1999)
    But staying with the result, what if by March 2017 when our unelected, out of touch, prime minister launches Brexit and say only <40% support Brexit, her own back benchers are rebelling and the parliament that was elected by the people have no confidence in the government.....will it seem right to put the country through a misery that has little support?

    Remember, if it had been the other way around with remain winning. then so be it, maybe there would have been the chance for another referendum...there would have been flexibility....but this Brexit is irreversible there is NO going back, there is no rejoining the EU when the **** hits the fan, no second chances, our future and our lives, the lives of our children changed forever. This is a step into the unknown into darkness.
    The PM's position is always unelected as they are chosen by the party

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Updated: October 13, 2016
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