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    (Original post by Connor27)
    I can't speak for the others who've disagreed with you here, but I'm certainly not a "public school boy", I'm a working class beneficiary of social mobility and meritocracy, those "myths" as you called them.

    My parents both instilled aspiration in me from a young age, my dad went from being a manual labourer to a supervisor at his construction firm and my mum went from taking phone calls to being a senior manager at Yorkshire water. They took us off the council estate I was born on and got us a modest semi detached house, they made sacrifices so that I could get into the local grammar school, which I did. I worked hard and got an excellent set of GCSEs, repaying their faith, now I'm predicted an equally excellent set of a levels and should get into a Russell group uni.

    All of these are why I hate socialism and collectivism, it encourages the working class to know their place and paints the "bourgeoisie" (they aren't really as most aren't aristocrats these days) as "them" and "the enemy" it's a divisive and regressive ideology that belongs in the 19th century, where it was conceived.
    Sorry about the late response I am very busy these days. It's great that you and your family could achieve all that through hard work and determination. Nothing is impossible and people should always try. But I am not an inspirational speaker and this is not the place for that. We are looking at things from a social perspective.

    Unfortunately, our education system favours upper classes and it has been tailored for them. The majority of working class children fail, unfortunately. The language of the education curriculum favours upper classes. Their children start their education with an advantage. Their parents are educated and have good writing skills so they will most likely have better chances of writing a good personal statement. It goes further than that. Working class parents have failed in the education system themselves and are less likely to have much faith in it. So they are less likely to be as strict as other parents to push their children to work harder at school. And I'm talking about 8 year olds here so you can't say that they must have free will and think for themselves.
    Another thing is that when these children fail, they form a subculture to the system that failed them and reverse its values. Whatever this system favours, they reject. If the system favours punctuality, they will oppose that. If the system favours respect for authority, they will reject that, etc.
    And I have already talked about public schools a lot so I wont mention that again.
    The point is, it is NOT enough to have equal opportunities, but also equal ACCESS to those opportunities.
    And socialism does reward hard work and social contributions. It relies on people contribution in fact. Unfortunately, people can't see beyond monetary rewards because that's the only means to reward people under capitalism. Most people who devoted their lives helping other people rejected monetary rewards and glittering prizes anyways. Because it's not real. It's an ideology. You must see through it
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