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At dawn or sunset, go to the beach. Go for a walk. Give her a teddybear holding a little paper heart. Write on the heart "My heart". Give it to her. She'll find this sweet. Proceed to have passionate sex as the sun rises or sets.

If she's having a bad day, let her cry on your shoulder. Comfort her. Hold her. If you're really something, say something re-assuring. Though this may seem boring or painful, it's a moment of bonding, and ladies find this exceptionally romantic.

Cry over a terminally ill puppy or child. Women like guys to have some feelings.

Either on your own or with a professional chauffeur, take her on a tour of several beautiful locations (natural and/or man-made). Kiss her and tell her that she's more beautiful than all of them put together.

Have a picnic after 9pm. Lay on the grass/sand/wherever and watch the stars. Hold her hand, maybe even kiss her.

Fly her off to somewhere unqiue. Any couple can go to Paris. Take her somewhere different. Take her somewhere quaint, like Naples or Bern. Take a ship ride down the Rhine or Danube. If you're on the Danube, you can waltz to the song named after the river. Surprise her with the flight. If she doesn't want to go though, you'd be kidnapping her and bringing her across borders. Not good. :p:

Take some of her favorite photographs of you, her family, anywhere she's been, and make a scrapbook. If you use construction paper and crayons, it looks cute and boyish. That will score big "romance" points.

Hug and kiss on a slow evening for 20 minutes or more. Say nothing. Enjoy each other. Relish in everything you find attractive about her.

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