A month in New York, Alone Watch

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(Original post by silver_oranges)
Basically, is this wise/safe?

I want some adventure and don't mind being alone either! I was planning to stay at a hostel for a month and travel around from there. I want the time alone away from here and think it will be beneficial, it'll stop me going mad around here!

Am I being really stupid? Or is it actually alright?
NY is safe... obviously you want to stay out of the rougher areas (northern Manhattan onwards) after dark, but generally it's fine. It's also ******* cool.

Day trips to Philly and Washington DC are do-able too. You can get a bus (from Chinatown if I recall correctly).

Hmm, I'd actually be tempted to hang around the campus of a Uni and chat to some people - get yourself invited on a night out or something. Otherwise you could use f'book or similar.

Definitely do it - will be fun!
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You'll be fine, jsut be sensible. It's no different to me going to Liverpool for a month by myself tbh. Or you going to London or whatever. Just be sensible, and have enough money. You'll be fine, I'd totally do it.

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