What are the first few things you would do if you won a £million


    Put away enough money to pay off my student loan
    Give some to Charity
    Give a few grand each to family and closest friends
    Save the rest for car&house in the future =)

    (Original post by JollyGreenAtheist)
    Invest in the mother of all parties in the summer.
    Buy a llama.
    Put it in the bank.
    Put a llama in a bank? :eek:

    (Original post by NuckingFut)
    Put a llama in a bank? :eek:
    Where else would I put it?

    i would:
    -give some to a charitable organisation/s i feel will use it wisely/well
    -invest most in property/business/etc
    -save some in accessible places for the immediate future
    and then using investment revenue:
    -plan an amazing 21st
    -pan an amazing 21st for my boyfriend
    -pretend to my friends that we have to cancel out holiday and organise something else significantly more rubbish (like camping in somewhere boring or something) but actually upgrade it to 5* travel and accommodation etc
    -pay off dads mortgage
    -buy him his old porsche/that ferrari he's always wanted
    -get mum's car repaired/get her a new one that would endure the way she drives!!
    -get mum the summer house in turkey with that infinity pool shes always wanted
    -pay my uncle (interior designer) to back it beautiful
    -buy the car me and my bro share off my dad. give it to my bro
    -buy myself a little car (when id finished uni)
    -pay my brothers uni fees
    -buy my brother a house/flat for him and his friends at uni
    -buy my boyfriend that r8 he's always wanted
    -buy my boyfriend a recording studio
    -buy myself a house (after uni)
    -get a puppy

    not a lot....

    Put £1000 into my account and give the rest to my mum for safe keeping
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Updated: April 5, 2012
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