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    This whole debate is frankly a comedy.

    While some of the fire is directed in roughly the right areas, I'm left wondering about a couple of points. Namely:

    1) Fees have been around for over a decade now and a lot of the people going to University or college this year and in future years will have only ever been educated in an eventual fees based system. Surely any parents paying the slightest bit of attention would have thought it prudent to maybe sock away a tenner a week in a compounding fund for this eventuality. Have they? Are any students reading this questioning their parents if this hasn't occurred? Maybe you should.

    2) The idea of student loans is broken, or at least it was when I was in education earlier in the decade. The premise that some students were too "poor" to pay anything (and then got grants on top) while others were deemed "rich enough" to pay everything with interest was totally corrupt and fiddled to the extreme. I took loans (thankfully when it was like £1200/yr or whatever it was) because I was deemed "rich enough". A quick look at my bank account would have told you otherwise. Meanwhile other students who were realistically as well off as me got a free ticket due to their parents circumstances. If this system still occurs then I pity those who, like me, will get burned by it as it's seriously flawed. While it's not fair to saddle people with debt, frankly there's little way round it. But everyone should pay. I urge those going to university to sound out those who "are too poor" and actually analyse your real financial situation to their real financial situation. You'll find they actually end up with a lot more cash than you do and that's frankly a crock of ****e.

    3) The cost of a university education is known or at least open to estimation. It costs far more than what I had to pay for mine (My total debt for a few years of college and uni came to about £5k and i'm not that old). And reality shock here...it costs more than £9k too. Anyone who is starting out in college or university and maybe has 5+ years ahead of them - expect another rise before you complete. It was £1000 a decade ago, then it became £3000 in 2004 and now it's going to £6000 or £9000. Anyone want to guess what it'll look like in 2014 or 2015? My guess is it'll be pushing £12000.

    4) Fees is hardly a unique UK only phenomenon. In Canada, my girlfriend studies in a Business program and gets charged high fees, similar to the ones being proposed back home in the UK now. This isn't a new thing in Canada so (good) parents are saving for their kids education since the day they were born - literally. Even then the funds from these accounts (known as RESPs for anyone interested in researching) don't tend to cover the full cost so she worked her ass off in high school to qualify for all sorts of bursaries for high achievement and excellence. She also works a few hours a week in McDonalds too. If students back home don't like that prospect then I have news for them - "suck it up". Alternatively you could try to get a job but good luck with that. Even people with degrees these days tend to find it exceedingly difficult to get any sort of decent employment.

    5) Now is the time to think ahead 20 or 25 years to when it will be your kids going into this. Remember to prepare for them because the state won't be doing it for you. If you think your responsibility to your children ends when they turn 18, you're very sorely mistaken or just being a prick. If you have kids, remember that it's a life long commitment to help and provide for them.

    Personally I understand the anger felt about fees. I felt some of it when I was forced to pay. I don't like debt but what really got my goat was that it was only debt for some students while others got off scott free. I don't mind paying if everyone has to pay. I feel some students need to consider this as it'll effect them and it's not fair - but it's hardly getting a mention. However no one will win any favours by having the communist rent-a-mob turn up to wreck the place, attack police, smash up Charles' roller and generally make us look like a bunch of Frenchists who protest every other Tuesday.
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