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    (Original post by sabbath_92)
    He does it because it's as good as Oxford and probably better for the courses. You didn't get in because you weren't good enough, or the tutors didn't like you if you at least got an interview. Get it inside your head you dumb ****.
    Slightly harsh, I went through the same internal conflict when rejected, and I didn't apply to Imperial either so I've got UCL. I wouldn't just say: 'You didn't get in because you weren't good enough' because most of the people who get an interview are at least intelligent enough, it just depends on whether you're suited to the tutorial system, or whether your tutors like you more than the other applicants. You and I clearly just didn't interview in the way they wanted, and so were rejected. End of. It doesn't necessarily make you thicker than the guy who got your place, remember the people who make the decisions have a day to do it in and are just human beings.

    If reapplying makes you give up a place at UCL or ICL then don't bother, Oxford don't like reapplicants anyway because they feel they're taking people away from other unis.

    (Original post by TheSownRose)
    It is to OP.
    clearly, this puts an end to the speculation: OP is indeed a troll. :rolleyes:

    (Original post by BrilliantMinds)
    you seem to refer to imperial with high esteem.
    Because it deserves it.

    Honestly, it's your choice. If you don't want to go there, then by all means, reapply to Oxford next year.

    There are people that really want to get into Imperial after all. It would be unfair to give their place to someone who doesn't even want to go there...:rolleyes:

    (Original post by BrilliantMinds)
    Even so, I won't be attracted to gay people.
    ha...ha. To think I thought the earlier comments about you were harsh. Boy was I wrong. You are odd.

    (Original post by BrilliantMinds)
    Oxford University, and no **** the feeling sucks. It came as a hard slap when I opened my email this morning, with my heart thumping on my chest, and skipped a beat as the words "sorry" "unsuccessful" and "disappointment" flashed through my mind as I precariously, tentatively scanned through the document. I 'm currently at my lowest point, can't help but reflect constantly on things that had gone wrong in my application.

    But, I made this thread neither for the main purpose of ventilating my sorrows nor to sink in my pool of despair. I'm writing to seek the opinions of TSRers out there who have faced the painful situation that I'm in now, (I know how disappointing it must have been for you:erm:), I am sorry to bring up the dreadful experience again! Here goes my situation:

    I'm thinking of reappling next year, but to do so I have to study for the entrance test one more time, practicing the problems over and again and I tell you, I don't like the feeling of solely studying for the exam and nothing else. I'd rather spend my time exploring other areas of physics and maths, just imagine the excitement!

    I'll most likely be getting an offer from Imperial college for physics and theoretical physics, so should i just settle for Imperial or try again for Oxford?

    Probable reasons why I might prefer Oxford over Imperial:

    But Imperial seems to be practicing more at the edge of physics, offering programmes such as 'MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics' with the fourth year including a wide range of more advanced theoretical and mathematical options, some of which are shared with the highly specialised and renowned MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces. Imperial seems to offer a more exciting experience than Oxford can!:awesome:

    Tuition fees for Imperial are extremely costly while (costing over 200k pounds!:ahhhhh:) Oxford fees are cheaper, and the cost of living in london is insane!:headhurts:

    Some personal information regarding myself - I'm currently under conscription for military service :lockstock: till the year after (I applied for university under deferred entry) so I don't have much time to myself and have to be focused at all times in my duty.

    Sorry for the wall of text, thanks for taking the time to hear me out!

    I feel your pain, oxford rejections hurt like hell. If your anything like me you've had you heart set on oxford since secondary school, pretty much focusing everything you do to give yourself a better chance at going there and never seriously considered seeing yourself going anywhere else.

    I can tell you i'm still not over it. I constantly regret not achieving enough at GCSE, a level, entry test scores etc. What bothers me the most is that i didn't get an interview. I was close. In top 550 out of 1500 applicants, but they only interviewed the top 425. I didn't have the chance to showcase myself. If i had my interview and then got rejected, i could take it because i was judge based on absolutely everything. But i didn't, so i feel its a missed opportunity.

    What i'm trying to say is there no shame in being rejected if you've tried your absolute best. If you feel you didn't then personally i wouldn't want to regret what could have been.

    I'm still undecided about whether to reapply or not. I don't have any offers, so i don't know if i'd change my mind in that situation but if it matters that much to you go for it.

    Just out of curiosity.. do you actually think Oxford is worth all of this ?? If the choice was Oxford or Uni of Chichester (sorry, just popped into my mind first) ok I get it, but this is Imperial !! Soo many ppl would die to go there.. take this opportunity! It's like one at a lifetime, enjoy your success
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    Imperial's cheaper. And I don't like a noisy/busy atmosphere when i'm studying.

    Commiserations on being rejected! :console:

    IMO, Imperial's just as good as Oxford in Sciences, possibly even better in some areas. If it's me, I'd take Imperial/ UCL rather than risk re-applying and possibly end up with no offers. Cost considerations and personal preferences aside, in terms of course quality and reputation, I don't think the difference is substantial enough to justify re-applying.

    But I'm not you. If you would rather have another go at Oxford, understanding that you could get rejected again, than have a firm offer from UCL/Imperial, then go for it (since you have another year of NS anyway). Ultimately, you need to weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision that you'll be happy with. Either way, I wish you all the best.

    (Original post by Bruv)
    If you're rejected once, what makes you think you'll be accepted next time?

    Also it's worth noting that 75% of Oxford students are of British decent; though whether that's truly discriminative is largely unknown. I'm studying at Christ Church at the moment and the majority of students are British.
    I should bloody hope so. It is in Britain.

    We don't go off to, say, America, and moan like "OH EM GEE. WHY ARE ALL THESE YANKS HERE?"
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