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Toddler forced into washing machine and killed. watch


    (Original post by Supermassive_muse_fan)
    I said I don't care what you 'really' think as was replying to the original post in regard to the fact that it was irrational - to then say you were writing that was because you might just be scared of writing against the father on a public forum was a bit of a poor justification of what you wrote earlier.

    But yes I do like Muse, an awful lot :dance:. Really an x amount of views on 'one' of their songs - would just like to ask if your username is meant ironically because you don't seem to use much logic.

    But digressing from the point of the thread so will stop here.
    That's a shame.

    I don't honestly know whether what I wrote earlier made sense. I don't even remember it. I could probably justify it. I don't care. It's a meaningless forum.

    The reason this forum is here is so that the owners can make some money. That's it. It's not like it's some professional environment where we solve the world's problems and we are judged rigorously on our value.

    It doesn't matter whether I use logic or my posts make sense. I can post complete crap for all the difference it makes. Seriously. It's just a forum where we post what we want and it means nothing.

    I chose "problemsolver" because it was available and I liked the sound. I don't care whether I am logical on here. I have nothing to prove. I don't care. I'm just typing this right now because I'm bored. I will use logic in exams and real studies and situations when it'll get me somewhere. This site means nothing.

    I'm glad you say you're going to stop here. Something tells me you won't stop though. I hope you prove me wrong on this point.

    (Original post by EffieFlowers)
    You just made a joke about a child being murdered by his father, that is completely disrespectful, you should remove comment...
    It's not murder. It's manslaughter.
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