8 hours until 'Boyfriend'


    (Original post by TheDizzeeKid)
    Oui, oui :bhangra:

    I had to remove it in case the 'appropriate' authorities dealt with me accordingly :ninja:
    But the owl lives on! *Twit to whoo*
    Yes, it's an unfair political system we have here :sigh:

    I hope it lives on! If I could reincarnate to be anything it would be that very owl :yes:

    (Original post by coolmushroom)
    Not even 'no homo' can save you.
    I'm surprised why the sexuality of the OP hasn't been questioned yet.


    this is really funny


    the link has been taken down so:

    What, you ask, are the standout lines in “Boyfriend,” the memorable turn-of-phrases that pop fans will be mouthing along to all summer long? Billboard.com was happy to rank (and attempt to decipher) the five best lines from Justin Bieber’s latest single:

    5. “You could be my girlfriend until the —— world ends.” This chestnut from verse 2 raises a lot of questions. Is 18-year-old Bieber really ready to commit to one girl (in this case, Selena Gomez) for all of eternity, until the apocalypse arrives? If that’s the case, why doesn’t he just marry that special girl? Is this line suggesting that Bieber will never choose a wife, and will only be capable of “boyfriend” status until Earth is no more? We’ve probably read too much into this one already — let’s move on.

    4. “Tell me what you like yeah tell me what you don’t/I could be your Buzz Lightyear fly across the globe.” Classic Pixar reference. Who doesn’t like “Toy Story”? Although, technically, Buzz Lightyear never really had any desire to “fly across the globe” — dude was more of a Space Ranger than a pilot. But it’s the thought that counts, and Bieber is demonstrating just how far he would literally travel to please his special girl.

    3. “Swaggie.” As it exists on the lyrics sheet, this one, crazy word is given its own separate line in the second verse, after the phrase, “Voice goin crazy on this hook like a whirl wind,” and before the second pre-hook. What could it be doing there? Bieber has already busted out the “swag” in the song (more on that later); is he now going for the jugular by dropping a context-free “swaggie”? If so, count us on board. Bieber needs a catchphrase, and like his buddy Chris Brown’s “leggo,” “swaggie” is perfectly cool-sounding nonsense. Can we start printing up a thousand “Swaggie” t-shirts yet?

    2. “I’ma make you shine bright like you’re laying in the snow/Burr.”There’s a lot to love in this one — not only the idea that Bieber’s adoration will make his lady shine so bright that it’s like she’s covered in the crystal-clear whiteness of fresh, powdery snow, but also the extra “Burr” for added emphasis, as if he’s convincing his girl that she is, indeed, laying in the snow, and yes, it is cold. There is no game-playing when it comes to Bieber’s smooth moves — when he says that you’re shining bright like you’re laying in the snow, the simile is so real to him that he actually feels a bit chilly. Someone get this heartthrob a scarf!

    1. “Swag swag swag, on you/Chillin by the fire why we eaten’ fondue.” Let’s give credit where credit is due — did you think it was possible to follow the phrase “Swag swag swag, on you” with an even more awesome line? Not only does Bieber let his audience momentarily wonder how he specifically plans to triple-swag on his girl, he then drops the ultimate image in his listeners’ minds: the Biebs and his special lady, sitting by a roaring fire, eating some fondue. Fondue! Most couplets in the English language strive to end with the word “fondue,” but more often than not, they fall short. Bieber wastes no time in lyrically embracing the cheesy dessert dish, and immediately creates a lasting image in his first single. (Side note: the lyrics on Bieber’s web site read, “Chillin by the fire why we eaten’ fondue.” This may or may not be a typo and the line could go “Chillin by the fire while we eatin’ fondue” in the finished audio, but we hope it remains a question of “why” in the song. Maybe Bieber is expressing a deep-rooted confusion: “Chillin by the fire — wait, why are we eating fondue? I hate fondue!” We don’t know why Bieber and his gal are eating fondue, but perhaps we’ll find out soon enough.)


    Such an awesome dude and song

    Blieber 4 life <3


    (Original post by TheGirlNextDoor)
    Yes, it's an unfair political system we have here :sigh:

    I hope it lives on! If I could reincarnate to be anything it would be that very owl :yes:
    Yes, I know....V.Unfair. people can't say **** all nowadays without someone breathing down their neck :sigh:

    But, I'm not the type of fella who cares....
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