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Official A-Level Results Day Discussion 2012! (16/08/2012) MK II Watch


    (Original post by Jellybeany)
    How many did last years thread do?

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    I think they got to Mark VII.

    (Original post by Jellybeany)
    How many did last years thread do?

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    It was a LOT. I remember posting on it on my old account and I eventually gave up because I couldn't keep up with the amount of posts the A2 lot were getting through .

    8 pages ALREADY!

    although ive slipped off the radar an dont feel involved in the convo anymore like before

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    (Original post by sr90)
    About time you lot got past mk.I....
    We're only 3 days behind you

    Also I'd like to thank you for starting :sexface: on the last thread


    Also I've read last years thread... what happened to you, did you get into Uni in the end, or have you had a gap year?

    (Original post by Maths_Lover)
    I'm now psyched. XD :love:


    the KGMH and general GMH are just :love:


    (Original post by Maths_Lover)
    I think they got to Mark VII.

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    (Original post by SecretCircus)
    Not bad considering I only really started posting a few days ago!
    You outdid me... and I've been here since the end of June!! :sexface:

    (Original post by parry_93)
    8 pages ALREADY!

    although ive slipped off the radar an dont feel involved in the convo anymore like before

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    Let's face it, the only requirement to join a conversation in this thread is to post plenty of :sexface:, you'll slot right back in (no :sexface: intended).

    (Original post by sr90)
    Nearly 8.

    We did mk.II in 48 hours. Good luck :sexface:

    (Original post by parry_93)
    8 pages ALREADY!

    although ive slipped off the radar an dont feel involved in the convo anymore like before

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    Just jump in and quote everyone . The conversations change so quickly anyway!

    (Original post by madders94)
    Here's the member's list if you do want it to go in

    Name: madders94/Maddy
    A Levels: Psychology, Drama & Theatre Studies, English Language & Literature
    UCAS: Firm, Bangor University, Creative Studies, 260 points.

    Name: Andrew
    A Levels: Maths, Chemistry and Biology
    UCAS: Firm, UEA - Accounting and Finance - ABB

    Name: nickss
    A levels: Economics, maths, geography
    UCAS: Southampton, economics and management- need AAA

    Name: Becca
    A Levels Business Studies, English Language, English Literature
    Firm: University of Sheffield - English Literature AAB + A Extended Project

    Name: my username(completely went blank trying to think of a username)
    Exams: Maths,chem,bio,economics
    Firm: Im a medicine rejectso looking to take a gap year

    Name: Contrad!ction. / Steph
    A Levels: Maths, Physics, Further Maths
    UCAS: Firm - University of Bath - MMath Mathematics - A*AA
    Insurance - University of Exeter - MMath Mathematics - AAB

    A-Levels:Biology, Chemistry and Maths (*)
    UCAS: Opted for a gap year-Then apply to Medicine

    Name: Ben
    A-levels: Maths, FM, Physics
    Firm: Warwick - Physics (although thinking of changing to Maths&Physics) - AAA
    Insurance: UCL - Physics AAB

    Name: monkeysuit.
    A levels: Biology, History, Drama, General Studies
    Firm: Exeter - Biological Sciences ABB
    Insurance: Sussex - Biology ABB/AAC (can include general studies)
    AS grades: aaaac
    Hoping for: AAAAb

    Name: Sophie1805
    A Levels: Maths, Economics, Geography, Business, EPQ.
    UCAS: Firm - University of Nottingham, Management AAB
    Insurance - University of Durham, Business Management ABB (Excluding Geography).

    Name : Ari Ben Canaan
    A Levels : Chemistry and Physics
    UCAS : Firmed Imperial for Chemistry with a Year in Industry, Insurance UCL
    Offer : AA and AB respectively

    Name: laurie
    A Levels: Chemistry, Biology, Psychology
    UCAS: Firm - St Andrews - Medicine - AAA
    Insurance - King's College London - Medicine - AAA

    Name: Choppyy
    A Levels: Maths, Economics, English Lit, General Studies
    UCAS: Firmed - Newcastle - Business Accounting and Finance AAB
    Insured - Warwick - Accounting and Finance AAA

    Name: Cathy
    AS Levels/A Levels: Maths, Biology and Chemistry
    UCAS: Firm - UCL: MEng Biochemical Engineering - AAB, Insurance - University of Surrey: BEng Chemical Engineering - ABB

    Name : . . .
    A Levels : Economics, Chemistry, Biology, EPQ
    UCAS : Dunno.
    Offer : A*AA(don't know what grade for epq).

    Name: Pi!
    A Levels: Maths, Spanish, Graphics
    Choices: Dunno lol

    Name: mahjongmagic/Matt
    A Levels: Maths (Pre-U), History, Business Studies
    UCAS: Firm - Reading - History - D2BB or D2AC or M2AB
    Insurance - Keele - History - M2BB

    Name: Charlesworth
    A Levels: Economics, Maths and Geography
    UCAS: Firm - Cambridge, Land Economy, A*AA.
    Insurance - Glasgow, Economics and Geography, ABB

    Name: TheatreLovely
    AS Levels/A Levels: English Literature, French, German
    Choices: : Firm - Oxford, AAA
    Insurance - Durham, AAB

    Name: Kalliope
    AS Levels: English Literature, History, Philosophy & Ethics, Biology, Critical Thinking, EPQ, General Studies

    Name: Catherine.
    A Levels: French, Spanish, English Literature
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Firm: Modern and Medieval Languages - Trinity Hall, Cambridge (A*AA), Insurance: Applied Languages and Translation - Heriot Watt (BBB)

    Name: Jasmine
    A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, English Literature (and I also did History and Critical Thinking last year)
    Firm-Leeds Uni (Biology- BBB)
    Insurance- Sussex (Biosciences with a foundation year BCC)

    Name: FuzzySheep
    A Levels: History, Spanish, Philosophy
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Firm: Bristol for History (AAB)

    Name: Silent--ly
    AS Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, History, Art

    Name: Jessica
    AS Levels/A Levels: A2 History, English Literature, Drama, RE (early)
    UCAS (firm): History - Leeds University - AAA

    Name: Lottie
    A levels: Government and Politics, English Literature and Psychology
    UCAS: Firm - University of Liverpool - Law - AAA/A*AB/A*A*C (so 360 points over 3 A levels)
    Insurance - Man Met - Law - ABB

    Name: Niru
    A-Levels: Maths, Accounting, IT
    UCAS: City Uni.......360 points (A in Maths)

    Name: Hootie*/The Hootster if you're kinky (and there's my sexface contribution)
    AS Levels
    - Don't really know what that one relates to... but who doesn't like a dancing bunny.
    UCAS: None yet! I'm just a meek, little AS student! Not applying until 2014, anyway.

    Name: Emma
    A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
    UCAS: Firm - St. Andrews, Medicine - AAA
    Insurance - Aberdeen, Medicine - AAA

    Name: Cintia Marina
    AS/Alevels: History (AS only) Philosophy and Ethics, French, Politics
    UCAS: (Firm) UCLan - Central Lancashire - Law ( foundation ) - 160points (CC)

    Name: Becki
    AS Levels/A Levels: A2 Maths, Business, English Lit and Lang.
    UCAS: King's College London - English Lit and Lang - AAA (Firm)
    Nottingham - English and Russian - ABB (Insurance)

    Name: Lemoncha
    A Levels: Geography, German, Chinese, Politics
    UCAS: Firm, University of Nottingham - MSci International Relations and Global Issues - AAA
    Insurance, University of Warwick - Politics and International Relations - AABb

    Name: jada897
    AS Levels/A Levels: AS Chemistry, Biology, History, English and general studies
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): n/a

    Name: Elle
    A Levels: English Lit, History, German and Sociology.
    UCAS: Firm - Winchester, Creative Writing and English Lit.
    Insurance - Chichester.

    Name: Ellie
    AS levels: Art, English Lit, Geography and Environmental Studies.

    Name: orzi
    AS levels : German , Biology, Economics, Maths Statistics , Chinese + Chinese A2
    ucas: / but probably doing Archaeology and Anthropology at Uni.. not sure which Uni yet( well, it depends on my AS grades.. fingers cross)

    Name: snailsareslimy
    A Levels: Biology, English Literature, History
    UCAS: Firm- QUB, English (ABB/BBBb)

    Name: 03hope03 (Christina)
    AS Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, General Studies (Possibly picking up IT AS in Year 13 for a 4th AS)
    UCAS: Applying in September to study Maths!

    Name: Isla
    A-Levels: Biology, Psychology, English Language
    UCAS - Conditional, Exeter, ABB, Biology (c100)

    Name: Patrick
    A-Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies
    Firm: The University of York - Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry (AAB including A in chemistry)
    Insurance: The University of Nottingham - Medicinal and Biological Chemistry with an Assessed Year in Industry (ABB including chemistry)
    Fun fact: Results day happens to be my 18th birthday so it could be a brilliant day or a terrible one!

    Name: PierceBrosnan (Jamie).
    AS Levels: History, Politics, English Literature and Philosophy
    Applying to study History and Politics Joint Honours.

    Name: PeaceLoveKindness (can call me Peace, PLK or whatever xD)
    AS Levels: Maths, Economics, History and English Lit
    I hope to study Economics with Finance in uni!

    AS Levels/A Levels: A levels in Philosophy, History and IT
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Aberdeen firm BBB, Dundee insurance BCC

    Name: berryripple
    AS Levels/A Levels: English lit, chemistry, politics, economics

    Name: Fareed
    A Levels: Maths
    AS Levels: Chemistry, English Literature

    Name: xoJessicaAnn
    A2: History, English Literature, Drama & Theatre Studies, Theology (a year early - already recieved A)
    Need AAA (inc Theology already achieved) for History @ Leeds.

    A Levels: English Literature, English Language, Drama and Theatre Studies
    UCAS: Firm- YSJ Primary Education
    Need 260 points, however I am aiming for AAA minimum, so pretending that is my uni offer to motivate me!

    Name: Quirynn
    A Levels: Geography, Economics, English Literature
    UCAS: Firm- Geography MA at St Andrews (AAA), Insurance- Geography BA at Lancaster (AAB)

    Name: Ryan
    AS Levels: Chemistry, Human Biology and Psychology
    UCAS: Considering Biochemistry/Chemistry
    hoping for BBC on results day

    Name: Beky
    A Levels: Maths, Chemistry and Biology.
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Chemistry! FIRM = Bath AAB, INSURANCE = Nottingham ABB

    Name: Gina
    A Levels: Chemistry, Biology and Psychology
    UCAS: AAA medicine firm, ABB biology insurance
    current feelings: not done any A2 exams and already want to cry

    Name: Liam
    AS-Levels: Biology, English Language, Psychology and Religious Studies.
    UCAS: Firm - Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL) at Oxford University: A*AA
    Insurance- Philosophy at Manchester University: ABB

    Name: Luke Williams
    AS Levels: English Literature, Politics, Geography and History
    Predicted: AABA
    Desired Grades: AAAA - 95% + In Politics and History
    Likely - BABA
    Future Degree: Law (Cambridge/UCL/Kings/LSE/Durham)

    Name: Chloe Burling
    AS Levels : English Lit, Psychology, Graphic Design and Photography
    Predicted: BAAA
    Likely: CABA
    Future Degree: Graphic Design (Brighton/Kingston)

    Name: Rachel Kirke
    AS Levels : French, Spanish, History, Government & Politics
    Predicted: AAAA
    Likely: AABB
    Future Degree: Something with languages I hope!

    Name: Alex Bampton
    AS levels: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Critical thinking (:P)
    Predicted: AAAAA
    Likely: AAAAB - AAABB
    Future Degree: Natural Sciences (Nottingham, Brum, Cambs, Durham etc)

    Name: Aman
    AS Levels/A Levels: Maths Physics and Further Maths
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Firm - Imperial EEE - A*AA
    Insurance - Southampton AAB

    Name: Michael / ms607
    AS Levels/A Levels: Chemistry, Computing and Physics
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Firm: Southampton > Chemistry with a year in industry, AAB
    Insurance: Bath > Chemistry with a year in industry, ABB

    Name: The_waugh
    A-levels: Biology, math, chemisty and geography
    Firm: biopharmaceutical science, Sunderland, 260 UCAS

    Name: Chaofan88
    AS Levels : English Lit (A), Fine Art (A), Biology (A), Mandarin Chinese (B) Chemistry (C)
    A2 Levels: English Lit, Fine Art, Chemistry, Biology
    A2 predictions: A*A*A*A (UCAS predictions, but school report ones are lower, I think)
    degree: Biological sciences
    UCAS: Oxford: firm offer (A*AA inc. bio, chem and enligsh lit), Manchester insurance offer: (AAA)

    Name: Satta101
    AS Levels/A Levels: AS Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and RS
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): N/A

    Name: Majid Khan
    AS Levels : English Language, English Literature, Law and Psychology
    Predicted Grades : C,C,C,C
    Grades I want: A,B,A,A
    Grades I think i'll get: A,B,A,A
    Future Uni Degree: Law or Teaching

    Name: such_a_lady / Chiara
    A-levels: German, Spanish, Eng Lit, Eng Lang
    Firm: Oxford - Modern Languages - AAA
    Insurance: Durham - Modern Languages - AAB

    Name: Lalita
    A-Levels: Psychology, Maths, English Language
    Firm - UCL Q100 Linguistics (AAB)
    Insurance - King's College London PQ31 English Language and Communication (AAB)

    Name: Jackson
    A-Levels: Just retook Psychology today, hoping to bump it up from a B to an A.
    Firm: University of Essex (A in Psychology)
    Insurance: Bangor University (Unconditional)

    name: katie
    firm: Bournemouth, computer animation arts need A in graphics A in english and B in business
    insurance: hertfordshire need 280 points

    Name: Krystal
    AS Levels : English lit, psychology, ICT (exam) , History, Extended project
    Predicted Grades : B,A,A,C,A
    Grades likely to get: B,A,A,B,A
    University course: Psychology
    Uni: not sure yet!!

    Name: StacFace
    A-levels: Law, Psychology, English Literature
    Firm: Northumbria - Law (Exempting) - ABB
    Insurance: Sunderland - Law - 280 UCAS points from 3 A levels.

    Name: narusku
    Alevels: English Lit, Classics and RS

    Name: Akshay
    A-Levels: Maths, Economics, History, IFS
    UCAS Firm: UEA - ABB
    Insurance: Reading - ABB (Including IFS)

    Name: Charlie
    A-Levels: English Language, Geography and Music Technology
    Wanting to study English Language at Northumbria - need ABB which isn't looking likely after the success of my last 4 exams haha

    Name: Futurism / Sam
    A Levels: Maths, Physics, D&T: Product Design.
    UCAS: Predicted: A*AA,
    Likely: AAA
    Firm: Durham, Mechanical Engineering MEng - AAA
    Insurance: Durham, Mechanical Engineering BEng - AAB

    Name: Holly
    A-Levels: English Literature, History, Psychology, Sociology + Welsh Baccalaureate
    UCAS: English Literature BA. Firm; Cardiff AAB or AA+WB-pass. Insurance; Reading BBB+WB-pass

    Name: Gales
    AS Levels/A Levels: A2 French, A2 Spanish, A2 Geography
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    University College London: AAA
    Edinburgh: BBB

    Name: Moira
    AS Levels/A Levels: A levels
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): FIRM UCL A*(Maths)A(Econ)A. INSURANCE Warwick A*AAB any order (yes this is easier)

    Name: swbp
    A2s :Business Studies, English Literature, Geography
    Firm - University of Sussex, AAB for Geography
    Insurance - Royal Holloway, University of London, ABB for Geography

    Name: laura94
    A-levels: Philosophy, Maths, Drama
    UCAS: Firm - Philosophy @ King's College London
    Insurance - Philosophy @ University of Nottingham

    Name: twinlensreflex / Ellie
    AS Levels/A Levels: AS Critical Thinking, A2 Economics, A2 History, A2 Photography
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): BA Photography at: Firm - Edinburgh College of Art: 3 Bs at A2, Insurance - Brighton: 3 Cs at A2

    Name: itrader
    A Levels: AS Physics, A2 Economics, A2 French, A2 Politics
    UCAS: Firm - University of Sussex, Economics BSC, AAB. Insurance - UEA, Economics Bsc, ABB.

    Name: RJenkins
    A Levels: A2 Welsh (SL), A2 English Language, A2 History
    UCAS: Firm - Bangor University, BA(Hons) Welsh

    Name: Jack
    A Levels: English Literature, Maths History
    Firm: University of Birmingham - Computer Science... Need: AAB
    Insurance: University of Leicester - Computer Science... Need: ABB
    Aiming for: A*AA

    Name: TheWorldEndsWithMe/Laura
    A-levels: Maths, Biology, Economics
    UCAS: Anglia Ruskin (Cambridge) for Optometry, requiring ABB with an A in a science
    University of Liverpool for Orthoptics, requiring BCC with a B in biology.

    Name: britchick
    A-Levels: Biology, Physics, Psychology
    Firm - Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge - Optometry (ABB)
    Insurance - Aston, Birmingham - Optometry (AAA)

    Name: Gina
    A Levels: Politics, Law and English Lit
    UCAS: Firm - Hull, Politics, 280 including a B in Politics
    Insurance - Nottingham Trent, 280

    Name: Nilesh
    A Levels: Maths, French and Economics
    UCAS: GAP YEAR *****ez *
    AS levels: AAAA and a marvelous E in General Studies xD

    Name: Sarah
    AS Levels/A Levels: psychology, sociology, english language and general studies
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    uni of Glasgow (firm) Psychology and Sociology ABB
    uni of Stirling Psychology and Sociology ABB/BBC

    Name: Xarren
    AS Levels/A Levels:
    AS: AAAA
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Firm: Balliol College, A*AA
    Insurance: Imperial College, A*AA

    Name: Jakeeyy
    AS Levels/A Levels: Politics, English Language and Economics.
    AS: AAB
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Firm: Newcastle AAA
    Insurance: Hull ABB

    Name: SecretDuck
    A Levels: French, Maths, Economics, English Lang, Russian.
    Firm: QMUL (AAB, including Maths)
    Insurance: Kent (AB in economics and Maths in any order and B in French)
    Course: Economics

    Name: Stuffcopier
    Alevels: biology, maths, english, arabic
    As level: chemistry
    Firm: biological sciences, university of leicester (ABB required)
    Insurance: health science at DMU (b in biology required)

    Name: jojayne
    A Levels: English Literature and Language, Media Studies and Sociology.
    AS: AAA
    Firm: University of Nottingham (AAB)
    Insurance: Reading University (A*BB/ABB)
    Course: English Literature and Language

    Name: Obsidian
    A Levels: English Literature, History, Music and French
    Unis/Grades: Firm: University of Leeds (English Lang and Lit) AAB
    Insurance: RHUL (English Literature) AAB

    Name: Thermidor
    A Levels: Politics, English Language and Literature, Law
    UCAS: Firm - University of Hull - Law ABB*

    Name: Imogen
    AS Levels/A Levels: Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Birmingham Uni : AAB (firm)
    Liverpool Uni : AA (insurance)
    I have no idea what I'm gonna get, I swear it could range from A*A*A to AAB haha

    AS Levels/A Levels: Business Studies & Economics, History and Government & Politics
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Firm; Sheffield - AAB
    Insurance; UEA - ABB

    Name: Adam
    AS Levels/A Levels: Maths (Achieved A*), Further Maths, Physics and Spanish.
    UCAS Firm: Trinity College (Cambridge) Maths, AA and 11 (STEP II and III)
    Insurance: Durham University Maths, AA

    Name: Lucy
    AS Levels/A Levels: A2 Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and General Studies, with AS Level Further Maths and AS Photography (already got a C)
    UCAS: Firm:
    Warwick (Chemistry) need AAB
    Insurance: Birmingham (Chemistry) need BBB xD

    Name: clare
    AS Levels/A Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Art
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Sheffield, AAA and Glasgow School of Art, ABB (architecture)

    Name: Claire
    AS Levels/A Levels: AS: Chemistry A2: Fine Art, Geography, Biology and General Studies (plus the AQA Bacc and an Extended Project
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): Sheffield (firm) - AAA (from any 3 Alevels) and Liverpool John Moores - 300 UCAS points. Both for architecture.

    Name: AJCSShp
    AS Levels/A Levels: Chemistry, Maths, Environmental Studies A2, Further Maths AS
    UCAS : Lancaster NatSci AAA Firm
    Nottingham NatSci AAB Insurance

    Name: Natasha
    AS Levels/A Levels: Art, English Literature, Applied Business, Geography
    Firm - Business Management QUB (AAB/ABBa) (Need B GCSE maths too - currently have a C but repeated this exam a few weeks ago)
    Insurance - Business Management Liverpool John Moores ( 280 UCAS points)

    Name: Chris
    A-levels: Further Maths, Physics, Economics
    Firm: Cambridge, A*AA + STEP 1,2.
    Insurance: Durham, A*AA

    Name: Naomi Madeleine
    AS Levels/A Levels: French, Spanish, Latin
    Firm - Spanish and French at Durham (AAB)
    Insurance - Modern Language Studies at Nottingham (ABB)

    Name: smeemi
    AS Levels/A Levels: Economics, Maths, Business, ICT
    Firm: University of Southampton - Economics and Management Sciences (AAAb)
    Insurance: Durhum University - Business Finance (ABB)

    Name: beautifulmess
    A Levels: Politics, Sociology & Psychology
    Firm: Nottingham Trent - Politics & International Relations (280 UCAS points)

    Name; Jahriul Islam
    AS levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History
    awaiting for AS level results
    Course to study; Dentistry
    Desired University; Cardiff

    A Levels: German, Economics & English Language
    Firm: Aston University - German - BBB
    Insurance: Dundee University - International Business with German - BCC

    Name: LeSacMagique
    AS Levels/A Levels: Englih Lit, Latin, History
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): English at Cambridge (A*AA) with Nottingham as my insurance (AAA).

    Name: Rebecca
    AS Levels/A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.
    UCAS :
    Firm: University of York - Medicinal and Biological Chemistry MChem (A in Chemistry and BB)
    Insurance: Cardiff University - Biomedical Science (Physiology) (ABB)

    Name: Emma
    A Levels: History, English Literature, Economics
    AS Levels: Spanish, Extended Project
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Firm = Uni of Liverpool, ABB
    Insurance = Uni of Manchester, ABB

    Name: Niki
    A Levels: English Literature, History and Theology & Ethics (RS).
    AS: AAAA
    Firm: University of Oxford (AAA)
    Insurance: University of Exeter (AAB)
    Course: History

    Name: Lyndsey
    AS levels: biology, chemistry, maths, further maths
    Results: aaaa
    A level predictions: AAA (dropped f maths )
    UCAS: pharmacy, Cardiff, AAB

    Name: Tom Crease
    AS Levels/A Levels: Maths, further maths, physics
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Warwick A*A*A + STEP - Not happening, messed these exams up soooo badly.
    Bath A*AA, can remain hopeful

    Name: spoinkytheduck
    A Levels: Biology, physics, chemistry
    UCAS: Newcastle Medicine - AAA

    Name: Beky*
    AS Levels/A Levels: AS (AAAA)*
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): AAB = FIRM (University of Bath), ABB = INSURANCE (University of Nottingham). Both for MChem!

    Name: Andrew
    A Levels: Maths, Chemistry and Biology
    UCAS: Firm, UEA - Accounting and Finance - ABB

    Name: Joe
    AS Levels/A Levels: Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology
    Firm - UCL - Medical Physics - AAA*
    Insurance - Leeds - Physics with Medical Physics - ABB

    Name: cz100
    A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
    Firm - Cambridge - Medicine A*AA
    Insurance - QUB - Medicine AAA

    Name: Beth
    AS Levels/A Levels: AS (AAAB) Music, Eng lit, philosophy, critical thinking
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): AAA = FIRM (Oxford), AAB = INSURANCE (University of Manchester). Both for music

    Name: Victoria
    As level: Applied business (doesnt count towards my ucas points, theoretically wasted a year on it )
    A2: Edexcel Geography, AQA Environmental Studies
    UCAS - FIRM - Cardiff Met - Foundation in health science
    None existant inaurance
    Grades needed - too shameful to post

    A Levels: Music, German, Applied Art and Design (which is a double, hurray).
    UCAS: Firm is Music and German at Bangor B in Music, C in German and a remainder of 160 UCAS point from art, so that's a DE?
    Insurance is Music at Keele with a foundation year, 160 UCAS points and a grade 5 in practical music (Already got 110 UCAS points from AS Levels anyway, sitting my grade 5 Horn in 2 weeks) so it's very very likely that i'll be going to a university in September!

    Name: Confused dot com
    AS Levels: Biology, History, General Studies
    A Levels: English Lit, Maths, Chemistry
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable): FIRM - Oxford (AAA) for medicine

    AS: ABBC (Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
    A2: A (Photography) Pending (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

    AS: English Lit & Lang,Spanish,Drama,Sociology
    A2: English Lit & Lang,Sociology and Drama
    UCAS: To study sociology.. Firm- SHEFFIELD UNI (ABC/BBB/AAD) Insurance- PORTSMOUTH (BBC)

    Name: God (made me giggle so I'm keeping it in the list )

    Uni Course: Vet Med
    Predicted Grades: AAA
    What I think I'll get AAB/ ABB depending on how the grade boundaries are for the AQA Chem 5 exam (WTF was that!! ) and Edexcel C4 exam ( )
    Offer: AAB

    Name: Jamal B
    AS Levels: AAB (A in Maths and Physics, B in Chem, AAA after a resit, but according to my UCAS form, AAB)
    UCAS - Medicine
    Firm: Newcastle (AAA in any 3 subjects)
    "Insurance": Manchester (AAA not including Maths so Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics)

    Name: Paul
    AS: AABB (Psychology, English Language, History and Geography respectively)
    A2: Predicted AAB in the above minus Geography
    Firm Choice: AAB (University of Exeter, History)
    Insurance: ABB (University of Kent, History)

    Name: Dominic
    A Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Biology, German
    Firm: Warwick - MMath Mathematics - A*A*A +2 in STEP/distinction in AEA OR A*AA + 1 in STEP
    Insurance: UCL - Bsc Mathematics - A*AA

    Name: Lucas
    A-Levels: Economics, ICT, Business
    UCAS: BSC Accounting and Finance need least CCD and 2 level 3 Key skills qualifications or BCD and 1 key skill lv 3.

    Name: Meg
    Subjects: Economics, English, Media
    University: Firm - University of Manchester, grades needed: AAB

    My name is Fiona!
    My firm is Bath and my insurance is Southampton and thats to hopefully study Psychology!
    I need a*aa (god help me) or aab for Southampton.
    A levels: Psychology, English Lit, R.S and Music.

    Hello! Im Jodie
    My firm is Lincoln (280)
    Insurance is Hartlepool (NOT A OPTION)
    I need BBC and a C as level

    Name: Inky
    A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History
    Universities: 1st choice, trinity college Dublin A*A*A*A, UCAS Firm Newcastle AAA, Insurance UCG A*ABB Medicine

    Name: Grace
    A-Levels: Biology, Psychology, Fine Art.
    Firm: Edinburgh (BBB)

    Name: Alex
    A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics
    Firm: Cambridge, Natural Sciences A*AA
    Insurance: UCL, Natural Sciences AAA

    Name: Sana
    A Levels: Biology, Chemsitry and Psychology
    Applying to uni in this cycle!

    Name: Rahul Swarma
    Alevels- take F.maths and Physics
    Firm: Cambz- Trin- AA 11
    Insurance: cba to go there

    Name: Luke Hopkins
    Subjects: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
    Choices: (To study mathematics) Imperial College London (FIRM) A*A*AA, University of Birmingham (INSURANCE) A*AA/AAA

    Name: Beth
    AS Levels/A Levels:Modern History, Classical Civilisation, Biology, History EPQ
    UCAS: Firm - Royal Holloway, History, ABB and B in EPQ (Got an A*, yay!)
    Insurance - Sussex, History, ABB.

    Name: Amber Hornsby (Plutonium)
    A Levels: Physics, Maths, Electronics, Extended Project
    UCAS: Astrophysics (Masters)
    Cardiff (firm) AAB (inc. Maths and Physics)
    Leeds (insurance) AAB (inc. Maths and Physics)

    Name: Edwin
    AS Levels/A Levels: (Maths), Further Maths, Computing, French, (AS English Lit)
    Predicted grades: (A*)A*A*A*(a)
    Likely grades: (A*)A*AA(a)
    UCAS: Firm - Maths at Imperial (A*A*A in Maths, Further Maths, Computing with a 2 in STEP II). Insurance - Maths at Bristol (AAA).

    Name: manic_fuzz (Rhys)
    A Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Psychology
    Firm - Oxford - Medicine - AAA (A in Chem, A in Maths or Bio)
    Insurance - UCL - Arts and Sciences with Year Abroad - AAA (A in Chem, A in EngLit)

    Name: thisisaweirdbus (Laura)
    A Levels:French, German, English Literature, General Studies, EPQ
    UCAS (firm & insurance, required grades, if applicable):
    Firm: Durham (Van Mildert) - Modern Languages (German and Beginners' Russian) AAB
    Insurance: Nottingham - German and Beginners' Russian BBB/ABC

    Could I become a member?

    If anyone wants an easy way to find last year's threads then follow this link and scroll down :ahee:

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    You outdid me... and I've been here since the end of June!! :sexface:
    Only just . better step up your game then :sexface:
    • TSR Support Team

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    We're only 3 days behind you

    Also I'd like to thank you for starting :sexface: on the last thread


    Also I've read last years thread... what happened to you, did you get into Uni in the end, or have you had a gap year?
    Haha i noticed loads of people were repping my posts from last year.

    I'm at uni and i've had the best year ever :sexface: So take it from me guys, its not the end of the world if you don't make your firm.

    At the current rate of posting in this thread we would end up in a Mk. III or even IV thread by the time results day comes, even considering quieter periods when people go to bed. :sexface:

    DISCLAIMER: My hastily-calculated maths on this issue may be totally wrong.


    I'll also like to be a member if I could

    This was posted from The Student Room's iPhone/iPad App

    (Original post by lilGem)

    the KGMH and general GMH are just :love:



    (Original post by Jellybeany)

    This was posted from The Student Room's iPhone/iPad App
    Indeed. :lolwut:

    (Original post by Maths_Lover)


    Indeed. :lolwut:
    Have you been converted :love:


    (Original post by parry_93)
    Just post loads and loads and you'll soon be back in the swing of things!

    Most of my posts aren't to anyone in particular, aren't responded to and are probably missed by most, given the rate this thread is moving, but I still have :sexface:.

    • TSR Support Team

    (Original post by parry_93)
    8 pages ALREADY!

    although ive slipped off the radar an dont feel involved in the convo anymore like before
    Last years threads had about 5 conversations going on at once as well :sexface: You'll soon realise its pointless trying to keep up lol.
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