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Don't Want To Have Sex With My Beautiful Girlfriend watch


    Oh just have a couple more bashes each day, it eventually slows your **** down as it won't have enough juice.
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    (Original post by scrotgrot)
    By the way, in bold, would you ever hear a girl say this about a guy?
    Possibly not, but the situations are not the same. It's far, far more often that a guy comes and a girl doesn't. In fact, I [and all friends that I've talked to about this!] will often keep going at sex even if we've stopped getting anything out of it just so that the guy can come. It's just that we don't need to pledge to forgo any pleasure so that he can get his, because it's usually much easier for a man to orgasm.

    The guy I'm seeing told me that as soon as I'm not finding sex pleasurable I should just push him off, and he seemed surprised when I said that I'd rather keep going so that he could come.

    Don't make out like girls are all horribly selfish in bed!

    It is getting her pregnant you gotta worry about, not P Ej: abortions are relationship killers. if u haveeeee to do it then Bj,Fj,Hj are good options excluding vajayy.

    I didn't read the thread but I just know how terrible and embarrassing premature ejaculation can be. I suffered from it forever and it completely destroys your confidence. You need to watch this youtube video that gives great tips on how to control premature ejaculation naturally. It helped me so I think it can help you to.. PE SUCKS I know.. anyways goodluck!
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