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Bite the Ballot - Do you vote? watch


    I hate voting but I still do it
    voting is like voting for "which slave master is your favourite"
    the cartel won't let me vote for anything other than them because of their voting system
    I could vote for a party that doesn't treat me like a slave but it would be a wasted vote in this set up

    No. Its not worth it... Standing in line for hours and voting for a guy who probably wont win and wont change the country situation. :cool:

    Yes I do vote. It only takes 2 minutes and I am grateful for the opportunity.

    I don't. However, this year there might be a candidate to presidents who actually knows what's going on. Been talking about that for 10 years. Consistently. Media won't let him in often but the guy is doing his best through less popular channels. He's Independence Act Signer. He asked to send him emails with support because he needs to see whether he has a chance to win. For the past several years I did not vote. I know that it does not work. I see politicians swearing an oath and breaking it next day. And it's the same face every 4 years. Several mainstream parties are there to show you the illusion of choice. You have no choice. It's the same halfwit saying nice words, gripping human beings hearts. The guy who promises more and more as each term passes burdening the country with more obligations to pay for free stuff. Politicians parrot about needed austerity while spending your taxes on wars, private jets and once in power, mock citizens that you need to save more and live within your earning potential.

    99% of them don't give a **** about you, me or citizens. Look at actions and what they accomplished in their agenda before votes were cast. If at the end of term promises were left to read for you only then take action. Don't vote for popular parties. Vote for anyone but people who were in power. Vote for UKIP, whatever crazies are out there. It's a definition of madness to vote for the same party and hope for different result. Take a chance, will you? Even if the party seem full of crackpots. Good! Better have crackpots in power than smart warmongers and hypocrites.

    Anyways. I abstain from voting. Maybe next year's presidential elections will have the guy who knows what's wrong with the world. If not, then I won't cast my vote which will mean nothing. Its like choosing which way you want to be raped in the future by government. You lose anyways. My views are leaning towards anarchy as I learn what it is about. Surprisingly, it's not chaos...who would have thought it's freedom.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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