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    (Original post by Uthman97)
    Please correct me if I am wrong (which I am not); no Muslim women has publicly said "Save me from the hijab, I am being forced to wear it against my will".
    So how comes you can all intervene? It is none of your business what they do or if they decide that they want to be covered up.
    It isn't just a question of the family in question, it's a question about modern British society and our values.
    A parent makes decisions in the best interest of their child until the child is of age (21) and able to think for themselves and know right from wrong.
    Does a parent always make decisions in the best interests of their child? If so, why do some parents make their daughters wear the hijab and others don't? Why do some parents abuse their children?
    It is not your obligatory right to decide what somebody wears or not, just keep your business to yourself.
    Do parents have that right when it comes to their adult children (see link above)?
    If it is so bad to wear a hijab then why did Angelina Joliet wear one and say that no beauty is lost when wearing one?
    If it is so good to wear a hijab why don't men wear it?
    If you was a grown up man with young daughters, would you like them showing lots of body parts that makes men want to chase them and abuse their bodies or would you rather them cover up and wait for the man that will treat her right no matter how she looks? It's not rocket science.
    I think it is bad because this is the hijab's message: females need to protect themselves from males and males are unable to value a female when they see more of her body than her face and her hands. It's patronising, misogynistic, sexist and harmful to British society and Muslim girls.
    And also, tony Blairs Step-sister Lauren booth converted to Islam, wears a hijab without being forces by her parents.
    cool story bro
    If you really want to stop people's suffering and misery then go to Palestine and end the Israeli siege. Don't waste your time trying to be a keyboard warrior.
    Aren't you wasting your time as well?
    As for John Lewis, they are a business which means that they want to make as much money as possible which would increase due to the selling of Hijabs in their store as an unbelievable amount of people around the world are Muslim. It is a simple supply and demand tactic that all business' use.
    Of course it is, and I don't blame them.
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Updated: August 20, 2014
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