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Post your top 10 life goals Watch


    1) Become a Multi Billionaire
    2) Everybody in the western world to know who i am
    3) Aid real agriculture programmes that educate people in third world countries i.e Chad rather than giving them aid.
    4) To successfully campaign against fox hunting and other types of hunting which bare no need in society other than for a jolly good crack with buddies, which is not acceptable.
    5) Have some of the most wild parties anyone has ever heard of
    6) Maybe have a kid
    7) Explore The World

    I dont really care much about small life goals, like owning a type of car, or having a family, that doesnt really interest me. As i like to say
    Dream Big, Big Dreams :rolleyes:

    (Original post by sadaf2)
    1) live in Tokyo for a bit
    2) Live in NYC
    3) Adopt a child
    4) Get married
    5) Sponsor a family in Iran
    6) Influence government to create strict regulations to protect the environment including making recycling compulsory.
    7) Have my own kids
    8)Graduate from LSE
    9) Tour Asia
    10) Have an amazing job and earn a lot.
    Why do you want to live in Tokyo?

    1.get a 1st from university
    2.move back to india and get a good job
    3.rise to the height of my chosen proefession
    4. Help improve my country's infrastructure/change backward mentalities
    5.make a decent amount of money, enough to live a comfortable upper-middle class lifestyle(but being super rich would be nice too. I could donate to any charities at all)
    6. Keep in touch with friends and family
    7. Travel to at least 50 countries (37 more to go)
    8. Have two or more german shepherd dogs
    9. Get married to someone amazing
    10. Have two kids. Or one. Whatever.

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    1) Achieve a 1st at university
    2) Become a journalist
    3) Fall in love and get married
    4) Have 2 children
    5) Move out of London to buy a better and bigger house by the time I'm 30.
    6) Road trip in America
    7) Visit Japan
    8) Become fluent in French
    9) Go to a Daft Punk concert
    10) Live comfortably financial-wise.

    In no particular order:

    1. Get into a top uni in the UK
    2. Graduate with a 1st
    3. Be fluent in 3 languages (English, Arabic, German)
    4. Do a masters at Harvard
    5. Get a solid job that I can travel with
    6. Live in NYC for a bit
    7. Move back to Australia and become PM
    8. Fall in love/get married/have children/etc.
    9. Have a wikipedia page
    10. Work in the Middle East (probably for an NGO or something)

    (Original post by Edo123)
    Why do you want to live in Tokyo?
    just a different type of culture and I really like Asian culture so why not?

    1. Graduate
    2. Earn enough money to live by myself
    3. Regain the language I lost
    4. NOT get married
    • TSR Support Team

    TSR Support Team
    1. Pass my degree and any other courses I might do
    2. Work in the virology field
    3. Adopt a lot of cats
    4. Move to Iceland
    5. Get over my intense fear of flying
    6. Work with animals at some point
    7. Remain as healthy as I can for as long as I can
    8. Have a big house with an adult sized playing room inside with flumes, climbing frames etc.
    9. Remain with my current partner
    10. Be happy

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