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Should we allow cartoons insulting black people ? Jews too ? watch


    (Original post by Gjaykay)
    Go **** yourself. seriously. People can and should be able to draw whatever they damn well please without fear of being killed because some crazy ****kicker disagrees with it.
    He didn't say anything about being killed, he just said that actions do have consequences, which is a fact. If rights were recognised at an individual level, why do we still need a police force to enforce those rights? It's because people would attack you for 'bad-mouthing' them, it's because people would rob you for showing off your valuables, etc. If we had a Purge-esque situation do you think there wouldn't be any crimes committed because people respected other people's 'rights'? Really?

    Please detach the ideology of 'universal human rights' from the reality that people tend to prioritise their own interests over yours.

    (Original post by democracyforum)
    It's freedom of speech after all.

    W must defend freedom of speech
    Um, yes? We can, we should and in fact we do. I'm not sure why you think this is a problem.

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    (Original post by Chlorophile)
    If this were a murder by a group of Jews, I can absolutely assure you that there would not have been the same kind of backlash against Muslims across Europe. There has been an absolute spark in the number of hate crimes against Muslims because of this incident (as there always is when a terrorist incident like this happens) and many Muslims in France are now probably living in fear. This targeted backlash would not have happened with any other kind of group because for some reason, when a Muslim does something terrible it's because of his religion, whereas when everyone else does something terrible it's because they're evil or insane. Xenophobes literally just wait for an excuse to legitimise their hatred against Islam.
    Hm, no, look at the protests against Jews by a lot of Muslims last year... and how do you know, there wouldn't be such a kind of backlash? There haven't been a lot of terrorist attacks by jewish or christian or buddhist or taoist or shintoist fundamentalist to be able to draw that conclusion? Or where they? There were attacks by Nazis, yes, but they are hated by a large part of people, so that does not support your argument either.

    (Original post by Chlorophile)
    Probably because it's Islam that the West has a total vendetta against (largely due to geopolitical reasons). No other group really has a reason to hate Western culture.
    Oh please, don't simplify! A total Vendetta against Islam would look differently. And the West has far more countries! The situation is far more complex!

    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    I don't think you understand the value religion has in the lives of many religious people. The fact that you are comparing it to making fun of David Cameron says it all. You seem to think Islam is culture to them, to the same extent that Cameron is culture to us.
    Yeah I do understand "them"(just meaning religious people, because I come from a part in Europe, where religion plays a much bigger role), so I am not in the danger to conclude "Oh, being religious means you are different and have to be treated differently and all religious people are the same" and I know plently of very religious people, who are interested and what they temselves do and would not read those articles, but there is no way they would forbid others to do so. So don't make the false assumption, only because you are religious you are different from others. And you might not like Cameron, but people who are very involved in politics, will think differently.
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