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Do you enjoy showers? Watch


    I actually hate showers...I realise how gross that probably makes me sound I hate washing my hair because I don't like touching my hair or doing anything with it so therefore I hate showers because I have to touch my hair.

    No. It's a chore. But I make it less boring by blasting music and singing + dancing along.

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    (Original post by andersonsophie_8)
    rather than leap to conspiracy theories- do you have a fasination for pigeonholling poeple before asking questions?
    So before mouting off and calling people names, maybe next time you can question the reason why other people have come to the conclusion they have done. Just cus your a student, doesnt mean you know everything.
    Because you assumed the recent 'plane crash was a conspiracy and that all the world's governments, media, airlines pilots, aviation specialists, engineers, air traffic controllers, statisticians, air safety specialists and people posting on here who sound like they know what they are talking about are all in on it.

    Now, on a thread about something as mundane as showering, you've leapt in with a proposal that showers don't use less water than bathing.

    It is good you question everything. That's great. The next step is to discover how to work out stuff for yourself when you have a theory.

    For the generally-accepted assumption "showers use less water than a bath", it is easily checked online. There are also easy-to-find exceptions to the assumption (people who like power showers + large shower head but who only like a very shallow bath).

    My suggestion to you is to think of ways to explore the questions you have, rather than immediately post unevidenced counter-proposals online. Doing so fills the internet with junk ideas that others then pick up and take to be true because they are raised so often, such as alien abductions, the Holocaust never happened, young earth creationism and the Moon landings were faked. There are vast amounts of carefully produced data proving these one way or the other, plus some people who like making up false stories for devilment or financial gain on the other side. The end result is an academic mess, and raising easily researched and debunked theories as proposals - rather than questions - does not help.

    I know I don't know everything, that's why I'm a student. But I also don't start from a point that "nobody else knows anything either".

    (Original post by Lularose83)
    Whenever I'm in the shower and closing my eyes to wash my hair I can't help but think of 1) a murderer stabbing a fork into my stomach (don't know where I got that from!) 2) sharks
    :soap: <--- standing on the soap so the sharks can't get me.

    I have to carefully check the ceiling for spiders before I can get in, and then again before I wash my hair.

    Twice in my life I have opened my eyes after rinsing my hair and seen a big spider, sodden, swirling about in the water at my feet and wondered ever since ... was it on me when I got in? Was it in my hair? On my back? :woo: And how often have I mashed one into my hair when I started washing?

    :woo: <--- the soon-to-be-famous 'brushing-spiders-off-my-back' smiley.
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