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Calling someone fat isn't bullying... watch

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    As for using the reason that it costs the NHS money as an excuse for being obnoxious, well, we could spin that any way couldn't we. Fat people, thin people, people who compusively exercise too much, people who play semi-dangerous sports, people who work in dangerous trades. Just an idiotic argument that's designed little around concern for the NHS and those involved and more around making it ok to sit in pompous arrogant high judgement of other people.[/QUOTE]

    ^ except for the fact skinny people are usually skinny due to another illness they didn't choose to have where as fat people choose to sit on their arses all day and eat highly calorific food (and then claim benefits for as its a disability costing us even more money yay). People that compulsively exercise too much are often shamed to their face (at least women are), people that go overboard with going to the gym do usually get negative comments about the amount of time they spend exercising from friends and family and it's not classed as 'bullying' because they (the friends and family members) know it's unhealthy. Also extreme gym goers aren't costing society a lot, I can guarantee fat people are costing the NHS A LOT more then people that work out too much.Sport has a lot more pro's then cons, you could say walking to the post box I might get hit by a car I still do it- it's the level of danger weighed up against the positives. So sport gets you physically fit, mentally makes you happier, your endurance levels increase , you become more determined and helps you make friends etc I could go on with the pros forever...and the 1 mentionable con is 1 in 200 times (or something) someone gets hurt (I'm not being exact with figures obviously).

    And yes it is okay to make judgement of people that are draining society, because people have to work together for society to work. As in everyone pitches in and doesn't purposefully drain/hoard our resources. I mean I have no issue with people killing themselves by over eating as long as the government that I'm relying on for my education, financial support (if I ever need it) and health care doesn't have to spend resources on anything that's due to them being fat.

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    (Original post by Truths)
    We aren't talking about friends tho are we?
    That was the situation I was referring to in my first post. I didn't realize this thread was only focused on situations that involve an acquaintance calling a fellow acquaintance fat.

    (Original post by WannabeDoctor98)
    Calling a fat person fat isn't bullying. I don't understand why this is classed as being not sociably acceptable and taken so seriously. If a person is fat surely I am just stateing facts? At what point did we become to scared to say the truth and have to tip toe around the truth.
    It's not something some people can change very easily at all and it has a negative stigma attached to it in Society. If you can change that, then you are uite welcome to call people fat. Good luck.
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