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Have you used modafinil or other study drugs? watch

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    (Original post by Puddles the Monkey)
    Safer compared to which other drugs?

    Some more info about SJS/TEN and modafinil:
    Safer than Adderall and the various research chemicals that are similar. Probably also safer than Ritalin, because Modafinil isn't physically addictive.
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    Jack is talking on the ITV this morning to Hollie & Phil about study drugs! He'll be on after 10:30

    Does diet coke counts? (not the soft drink if you know what I meant)

    Is Modafinil the same pill used in the film limitless? lol... nope, i didn't use it.
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    (Original post by Captain Jack)

    Obviously we don't encourage the use of study drugs and don't want discussion about it really on TSR as we know there are natural ways to improve performance, like good sleep, eating well and a solid study plan. You can read our article on how to improve exam performance here

    However, with the exam period happening and the issue of study drugs such as Modafinil, Ritalin and Noopept increasing all the time, we thought it would be good to have a sensible discussion about them. This means you can discuss whether or not you have used them or if you know anyone who has taken them, what your experience was and any side effects you had.

    We do ask people not to encourage their use or advise people on how to get hold of them.

    So, have you ever used study drugs? Do you know anyone who takes them?

    I have been taking modafinil for over 2 weeks now I think. I was prescribed it because I have narcolepsy... and I'm pretty sure that's the only condition doctors are actually allowed to prescribe them for. They helped improve by excessive day time sleepiness quite a lot but I still need to take a nap once or twice a day to keep me going, but that's a lot better than it was before I was taking them. I'm not sure if this is because I have not been on them for that long so may be a side effect, but it does give me a headache and often I kind of get the feeling of exhaustion but when I try to nap if off my head just won't switch off. This makes the exhaustion worse. It feels like I am straining to stay awake sometimes and my eyes kind of dry up and I really need to focus if I want to relax my face and close them. So yeah it definitely makes my facial muscles more tense. I'm trying to only focus on the side effects that have stayed with me since taking them. The drug is supposed to make you study better apparently but it has the complete opposite effect on me, I started to have excessive day dreaming (maybe maladaptive day dreaming) when I'm trying to study and I can't help it. I often feel like I can't even read a paragraph without going off on a tangent. I've always been a daydreamer but I really feel like it has gotten worse since taking them. I think I daydream anyway though because I am quite depressed and have no social life as I go to a intensely academic school, so it just helps me get away from reality and is sort of a mechanism in tricking my mind into thinking I've been doing stuff and I haven't wasted the past few years of my life so I can cope.
    Also I sometimes find myself on my phone for hours without realising it, it is really addictive. It seems the modafinil is making me focus on the wrong things but I can't help it.
    So yeah not exactly helpful in anyway for my studies... but apparently this is a rare reaction.
    Does anyone have any tips?
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