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Thoughts on veganism/vegetarians etc watch


    I don't have any problem with vegetarians and vegans in principle.

    But I am not adventurous enough with food to be able to make that sort of change myself, as I would be giving up loads of favourite foods that I would struggle to replace. My diet is restricted enough as it is.

    It's a good way of practising compassion. Apart from that, it is neither moral or immoral to eat meat and I have no other opinions on it.
    I am a flexitarian.

    (Original post by katodizzle)
    I've mentioned those documentaries to my parents but they don't budge. I mean, even though they're not vegetarian etc doesn't mean we buy 'bad' meat. My mum is super strict when buying animal products and only buys organic/free range everything which is better than nothing.
    I guess it won't be long till you leave home anyway, so just become vegetarian when you do
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    (Original post by ProbablyJade)
    I guess it won't be long till you leave home anyway, so just become vegetarian when you do
    Exactly, my cousin is in uni atm and she went vegan for lent and liked it so much that she became a full vegetarian, so hopefully I'll do the same )))
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    Yeh, I was vegetarian for like 8yrs, and about 6 months ago I turned vegan, and I have never felt better about myself/ healthier in my whole life. The reason why I'm vegan is because of the animals - I don't agree with the meat/ dairy industry.
    The only annoying thing is when meat eaters just peak at me for no apparent reason, even though I don't slander them for their choices???

    I am a vegetarian and I was brought up a vegetarian but I firmly believe I'd still be a vegetarian even if I wasn't.

    I'd like to be a vegan, but I have pet chickens and I eat their eggs. That's mainly the only animal product I eat, I hate milk and cheese.

    Whenever they're handing out sweets or whatever in class, I have to refuse, and then everyone is like, "Why?????" and I say, "I'm a vegetarian, I can't eat gelatine" and then everyone rolls their eyes and sighs and says, "Typical vegetarian has to let everyone know..." I'm just saying it so not to be rude!

    Typical things I hear:

    "So, how do you, like, live?"
    "Do you eat dairy?"
    "Do you eat fish?" (I HATE that question!)
    "Where do you get your protein?"
    "Do you think you're better than us or something?"
    "Do you eat Haribos?"
    "How do you live without meat?"
    "What do you eat?"
    "Why do you eat plants? They're living."

    It's a common misconception that I'm vegetarian because I don't like meat (not eating meat because you don't like it does NOT make you a vegetarian!), that I eat fish (I have trouble with this in restaurants - fish is meat!), that there is literally nothing else to eat apart from meat and dairy (or if not then they think I just eat bowls of kale), that I can't get protein or fat... If they took the time to research it, maybe I wouldn't have to constantly be answering these stupid questions.

    I also despise the stupid plant arguement. Plants lack a brain and a central nervous system. They are not sentient. Also you'd swerve on grass to avoid killing a dog.

    We do not have to eat meat. It's not the way of life. We are now intelligent enough to produce food that allows us to live healthily as humans that does not involve butchering animals. My great granddad was 101 and he never ate meat in his life! And yes, he had dietary issues and needed lots of protein and fat - all of this he received from a vegetarian diet!

    People love to just randomly attack it. Vegetarians are considered weak, stupid, over-sensitive and idiotic. This is usually from people who have this irritating, unneccesary survivalist human attitude. They believe no one can cry or have emotions, we should be strong, but more than strong, we should be robotic, mean, nasty. But it's compassion that actually makes us human. Or perhaps they feel insecure.

    Because the only arguement to not eating it I ever hear is, "Well, it tastes good, so why should I stop?"

    Everyone just loves to challenge it. I am a vegetarian because I believe making animals suffer the way they do and murdering them is wrong and it should be the way of thinking any kind, compassionate and empathetic human shares. But I don't enforce these views like a religious nut. I keep then to myself unless the topic is brought up - and even them I'm attacked because vegetarians are apparently obsessed with themselves!

    ...Sorry, got super carried away. Had to let off some steam. Also procrastinating from revision!
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    This is the reason why Vegetarians/Vegans receive certain stick from some people: when they read posts like the one above.
    Now, I completely agree with what you've said, don't get me wrong. I love vegetarian and vegan food, I'm not vegetarian myself but I always eat at least 2 veggie meals a week.
    I think it's the fact that veggies have to make posts and actually explain why they've chosen to live like that. When really, it shouldn't matter, people should be able to do whatever they want to do, without question. People start hating on veggies when they go on about how they are veggie when in reality, they're only explaining because someone asks why they are. You should just be able to say "I'm vegetarian" and then leave it at that.
    Some people are too narrow minded at times.
    Eat what you want, so long as you're healthy in yourself.
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