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Very strange job interview - am I going to get kidnapped? (serious question) HELP watch


    (Original post by ExoIceCream99)
    Technically asking what should I do? Is it normal? is asking for advice. But say it isn't. Then people are mistaken by your thread. I think what Judy was trying to say is that if you're uncomfortable with that, why not do this as it helped me, she just came across wrongly. But they way you replied to her was rude, she wasn't trying to be horrible. Just apologising to her for that and she'll appreciate it and go. I don't know her but I'm pretty sure that's all she wants.

    I'm pretty sure he or she would only get paid if you applied for the job there. But I'm pretty sure they wouldn't advertise here. And I don't think that was what she was doing somehow.

    Maybe I interpreted what you said wrongly, to me it came across like you were laughing at her. It felt like you didn't appreciate what anyone said. I'm woman enough to accept my mistakes.
    Thank You, at least someone knows how to use their brain unlike people quoting about parrots being more intelligent
    I really appreciate your comments because everything you said about me was spot on. I realised after i sent my comments that it was offensive to other people who are cleaners but it was not intentional and i was just trying to help anyone else in the same situation or anybody looking for a job. I just get carried away writing way too much but that is only trying to give as much information as possible so everybody reading her thread can use the information if they wanted to.
    Plus i am a she hence the name Judy

    And any person that tries to get into an argument with me when i did not start it will get the same treatment of copying their own words because i don't like wasting time arguing back and forth with anyone so i know doing that drives people nuts then eventually they will give up arguing back because it becomes pointless to carry on arguing if someone does not give their own opinions.
    My sister used to do it to me and it drives me insane so i have to stop arguing back with her. It's extremely childish but very effective but i never carry an argument on for too long anyway. Also if she had not told me to stop replying to her thread i would have left it alone but once someone tries to tell me what to do i will carry on annoying them which i know is wrong but if they stop responding back childishly i will stop too.

    No one likes being told what to do and clearly she does not either but my intentions were just to help everyone by giving them info whether they asked for it or not because it is completely harmless to tell other's about other job websites. Any person looking for a job can benefit from looking up the student jobs website even if they were not interested in all the other jobs i mentioned.
    I must admit that i do go on a bit though but i only ever start off trying to write a short message then it just gets longer and longer.

    If you must go, then take someone with you. If this is a random job you just found on gumtree or something then you would be out of your mind if you go.
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