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How do I know if a girl is only after my money? watch


    (Original post by donutellme)
    Sounds like you missed the point. Why do you think guys SHOULD pay?

    You still have not answered the question of why guys SHOULD NOT pay ?
    Anyway i got caught up with Sleepypants trying to start beef with me so i did not get to finish why i personally will not pay
    A long time ago i went on a blind date. We went to the west end in Leister square and were trying to figure out where to go. I wanted to go to the cheap cinema called Prince Charles or Prince of Wales Cinema because i did not have much money and i was intending to pay for myself which was £5 or less, i can't remember exactly but he wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant. I told him at least 2 or 3 times i did not want to go there or to any restaurant but he insisted so he ordered the starter of cheesy Tortilla chips and dip which cost £10 but i did not order anything just incase he asked me to pay for it so he offered me some of his but i refused so after he finished he then had the cheek to ask me to pay half. I really regret paying and wish i had the balls to just sa y No.
    I don't even think he had any intention of ordering a proper meal afterwards which i would not have ordered anyway but thank God he did'nt.
    After we parted to go home I never contacted him again

    Then another time i went on a date with someone else and i was at his house and he took all his change out of his pockets and put them on a table to change into something different. I can't remember what happened or where we went afterwards but i do remember on our way back and he was going to drive me to the station he said he was running low on petrol then searched all his pockets and said he has no money because he left it at home on the table and asked me to pay for the petrol and he said he would give it back to me but i said don't bother even though it was my last money. I'm not sure if he would have paid me back anyway and i did not want to see him again to collect the money.

    Now back then i did'nt mind paying half for anything as long as we have that discussion before we meet up but i don't like stupid men who ask me to pay after they finished eating their meal or pretending they have no money
    ( although i don't think he left his money deliberately ) but i still don't like men who forget to bring their money or are stupid enough not to check their bank account before they leave home or don't go to a cash point machine before they walk in to a restaurant to meet their date as there are lots of cash machines almost everywhere

    So because of that i decided i'm not paying for anything on a first date or probably on any dates but also because i had a **** job and did not earn much and only had £20 or £30 after paying bills, etc. That's just my choice but if i was in a relationship then i don't mind paying half or in full for both of us and i would buy them presents and other stuff they like and not just on birthdays and at christmas because i love buying presents for other people.

    Years later after those dates i went on another blind date and this guy was rich. He loved boasting about how much money he earns and how he can't believe how stupid the company he works for pays him such a ridiculous wage. He does presentations and speeches for the company he works for. He took me to Oxford Street and told me i can have anything i wanted. I just got a t shirt and boots but i did not feel comfortable buying stuff while he was there. I prefer to go shopping on my own and i did not really enjoy choosing stuff because i prefer to pay for my own stuff. If it was someone i'm in a relationship with then i would have enjoyed going on a spending spree and i would do the same for anyone else. We went to an expensive restaurant that cost £100 and he paid and did not ask me to pay half
    ( take note Sleepypants ).
    On our way back in his car when he was taking me back to the station he asked me if i want his engaement ring he bought for his ex. It cost £30,000 but i said no and told him to give it to the next woman he marries or he could pawn it to get some money back.
    Now remember I'm poor so of course i'd love that ring as i could pawn it dozens of times to finance myself but i would never sell it out right. But that's what i would have done if i had accepted the ring but i did not think it was right to take it because we only met that same day and i knew i was not interested in seeing him again but even if i did want to see him again i would not have taken the ring unless we had been dating a long time.
    Now that's what you call a real gentleman not Sleepypants who takes women home for sex without even buying them a drink first.

    ( I could not use my tablet for 2 days as the charger would not work and when i tried to login to tsr using my mobile it kept rejecting my password so i have to sort that out on Monday so i had to create a new account with a new user name Judge Jules. I wanted to call myself Judge SleepySnooze but it rejected the name because it was too long )
    Sorry this is so long, I know i should really send 2 or 3 short replies but sometimes i can't be bothered to stop and send shorter replies because i'm trying to finish it quickly.

    (Original post by donutellme)
    Sounds like you missed the point. Why do you think guys SHOULD pay?
    Everyone should look up the thread called, Should Guys Pay For Girls On Dates?
    Because a lot of girls gave their opinion on there.

    Also on Celebs Go Dating on E4 10pm on Friday 9th just gone there was the strangest double date i've ever seen, I was laughing all the way through it and even though the girl was real nasty to her blind date and waving a knife around in a very threatening manner just because her date forgot her name but he was still willing to pay for both of them so it is interesting to see which women are going to offer to pay half and who does not as this was mainly my reason for telling everyone to watch it the first time.
    SleepySnooze is going to be even more pissed off about women after he sees the repeat of Friday's show as he already secretly hates women for not offering to pay half


    (Original post by CheeseIsVeg)
    sorry - had to
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