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Why do women feel the need to show cleavage/legs in the workplace watch


    (Original post by rimstone)
    when i worked at a retail job, the girls and females that worked with me, younger ones mainly ones under 30, used to come in like models, full make up and with the best clothes they could, were as i came in looking like a tramp; i mean they cant fire me for looking like one, plus i hated the job.. I get its both our choices to come in how we want, but when we have to change into a uniform, i dont see a point of coming in with expensive clothes, also i dont see why they really bother to put a ton of make up on, which could take a few good mins, to come in to work at a crappy retail store. Some of them also looked so much better with no make up, i dont see the point of wearing a ton of make up to change teh shape of your face, make your face shiny as **** and making your lips larger, when you look good, even great without it all.

    Anyways if i'm gonna be honest, its either they want attention or are insecure of how they look, speaking to a few of them that pretty much seems the case. I used to talk to this girl at work, and she would always try and make her lips look larger than they were for some reason, i could never understand why, she had normal lips, and when she would make them try to look larger, she looked like a fish or retarded.. she also complained about her nose, even though there was nothing wrong with it, i mean if you saw her the thing not even the last thing you would think would be her nose looks weird ..... she was a solid 8/10, but she made it seem like is was fugly, why women think like that i have no idea ...
    Lol their insecurities are funny tbh

    (Original post by chelseadagg3r)
    it's funny because we get paid less for the same hours, same job, and you know literally nothing about me
    You do realise that's against the law right? If anyone's doing that simply take them to court. Of course you wouldn't actually do that, because it never happens.
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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