Tuition fees heading over £9,500


    (Original post by CherryCherryBoomBoom)
    I know a lot of people who didn't go to uni but have decent careers. There are plenty of jobs where vocational courses or even just work experience are much more important. It's a very middle-class and small-minded idea to think that you need a degree to have a good life.
    It's a forum full of students, the majority of which haven't worked and seem to imagine that it's a degree or unemployment with no middle ground. Realistically, there are people without degrees in decent jobs, and people with degrees doing entry level jobs.

    oh wow! higher than what am paying in South Africa.... this is so unfair though

    (Original post by nexttime)
    Young people don't vote. Young people get screwed by the government.

    Easy way to change things...
    Students vote, but usually not for Tories. They probably don't see our demographic as swing voters so raising fees whilst appealing to the ukip voting less well off with minimum wage increases and such like seems pretty sound strategy.

    The "DAMMIT I'M PAYING £9000 A YEAR FOR THIS!" attitude is raising standards in universities I think.

    But yeah, paying more does suck.

    (Original post by jessyjellytot14)
    F*** university, I'm going to join a tribe in South America.
    Quite right too; you'll learn much more that's useful from them.

    im sorry but considering the actions of the previous and current government, what on earth compels some of you to believe that the government will keep to its promise of forgiving the debt after 30 years?

    Wow, the tuition fees are scarily high now. £9,500 a year for three years!! £10,000 was my overall debt when I left uni in 2011...
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Updated: October 28, 2016
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