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America vs uK top Medical schools? Watch


    (Original post by VNN)
    Hello,I am currently at the start of y11-GCSE year...I would like to study medicine at a top university.
    there are no 'Top Universities' for pre0registration health professional course

    My academic record is v.good and here is what i do as of now:

    Extra- Curricular - Non medicine Related…
    5 different ones...

    Extra- Curricular’s-Medicine Related…
    3 different ones

    Work experience…
    2 different ones

    what qualities do these extra curriculars add to your ability to be an effective Medical Practitioner ?

    (Original post by VNN)
    Is this good enough for the start of y11?

    My dad is a surgeon,i would like to go to a top medical school like Cambridge or Harvard university...I have been thinking about whether i should study in the US or UK...Money is not an issue as my dad said he will pay of the fees for schooling...

    I definitely would like to work as a surgeon in America(neurosurgery would be nice-uneducated blatant opinion-take this with a pinch of salt)...If i studied in the UK,it would take 15 years to become a surgeon,2 years doing USMLE exams to go and practice in America and 2-4 years rising up the ranks there...HOWEVER in the US i was told it only takes 11 years/less in comp. to UK to become a surgeon and i wont have to do the USMLE exams and will be in a better position...

    Which one would be better and what University;'s are good for medicine in America...
    Say i would want to go to Harvard,is this too ambitious as i'm doing a very hard degree at a top university in a different country?

    you are either a troll or you have an awful lot to learn aobut the how healthcare and healthcare professional education works

    (Original post by VNN)
    But people get caught up on such things as there definitely is some medical school far far better than others...
    oh really ?

    given some of the best known currently practising Doctors in the UK are small town boys and girls who went to 'provincial' medical schools ...
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