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Row erupts over BBC transgender programme aimed at children. watch


    (Original post by Rohan187)
    It's outdated to ensure that a child isn't brought up differently solely because he/she said they are something different?

    How about you try this, let children be children, rather than allowing them to watching programs where an 11 year old boy attempts to stunt puberty.

    You don't have to state the obvious with opinions again. I'll keep mine to myself since I'm too "backwards"
    This is exactly why you are biased but don't even see it. You completely make a mess of the situation, you completely fail to see the point of the video and you completely fail at sarcasm.

    (Original post by a1phabeta)
    People don't realise that you're essentially born with your gender and sexuality predetermined already, it's just that we need to discover it. Clearly, these children have realised that they're transgender at a very young age, so while we need to take that into account when making a decision, ultimately it is their body, and they can do what they want with it.

    Also, this is an article by Telegraph reporters for the Telegraph. The Telegraph is widely considered to be more to the right (its Antichrist would be the Guardian), so of course they would make a fuss about it. They know all the techniques that allow them to persuade you subconsciously that they are right (that's the point of a newspaper, to express fact while offering an opinion on it). Therefore,you need to take every word written with a grain of salt, and consider what the writer is trying to say or impart on the reader.

    There is also a question of intention. The BBC is funded almost entirely by central government, and so it has to be impartial. I'm sure the producer of this programme thought that teaching children that everybody is different was the intention of this programme, not to advance some LGBT agenda. Also, one's parents are much more likely to influence one's opinion about LGBT people, and one TV programme isn't going to have a huge effect. Also, as I said, if a child watches this and realises that they are transgender, then doesn't that help the child as well.

    Sorry for being so long. I just wanted to share my musings on the subject.
    Nope about gender:
    Studies (I recognise that studies into this topic are limited though) have shown that the majority of children with gender dysphoria grow out of it (and tend to grow up to be gay instead). Although it's not known why. Also seeing that it was John Money who coined gender to mean something different to biological sex/being used as a grammatical term you've got to question the validity of our whole understanding of it - you know considering that the two boys he experimented with to prove his theory committed suicide later on... Yeah...

    (Original post by Dodgypirate)

    A row has erupted over a BBC sex change programme for children as young as six, which follows a transgender schoolboy who takes sex-change drugs.


    If I were the parent of a transgender child, I would allow them to play with whatever they want, but I wouldn't go down the road of having puberty-stopping drugs injected into them until they were much older and aware of the life-changing consequences.

    The BBC should pull the programme.

    It would be more cost-efficient and achieve the same result to just pick 3% of the child population, fill them up with valium and leave them in a hot bath with some razorblades on their 14th birthday.

    (Original post by _gcx)
    What I find more disturbing is the fact that it's portraying stereotypes such as "dolls = girls, sport = boys", which are harmful to society. I'm probably sounding like a true SJW now, but it is a harmful concept.
    Those aren't harmful stereotypes, they're genetic predispositions. Even male chimps prefer to play with dolls and females with dolls. And it's worth remembering that we've just about coped for 250,000 years with those awful ideas being the mainstream.

    I'm going to presume the BBC has given up actually employing experts any more because even A level psychology can tell you children don't even fully understand gender until age like 4-7 so letting a six year old decide they're transgender is an exercise in madness.

    From the newspaper report I read people were very upset that a Toronto scientist was critical of transgender kids so I think this is the BBC desperately throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, especially after the real housewives of ISIS which was the fart joke of political comedy.
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