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    (Original post by Kingofhearts92)
    There seems to be no one on here whos proud to be British,apart from me. People are saying that the U.K is boring and our economy is bad,but ive lived in both Italy and the U.S.A,and they are,in my opinion are worse. No dont get me wrong,i love travelling,i love different cultures,but just because someone a place is sunny,doesnt mean its a good place to live. Im content here and as a hopeful Archaeology student,i couldnt be in a better country!! what are your thoughts?
    Of course, the British are the product of good breeding:

    A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World, argued
    controversially that in pre-industrial England the rich replaced the
    poor demographically, and that this helps explain why England
    became more “bourgeois” in these years: less violent, thriftier,
    more literate, more numerate. Here evidence from a different
    source, surnames, again shows the takeover of English society by
    the economically successful between 1600 and 1851, and the
    disappearance of the criminal and the poor. A man’s economic
    success in pre-industrial England predicted a permanent increase
    of his surname frequency, and hence his gene frequency, by 1851.

    But the arrival of settled agriculture and stable property rights set natural selection on a very different course. It created an accelerated period of evolution, rewarding with reproductive success a new repertoire of human behaviors – patience, self-control, passivity, and hard work – which consequently spread widely.

    As people put, being proud in other peoples achievements is a bit wierd...

    But its a bit like a team, If you were in a team of scientists that discovered something important and you played a minor role then you would feel pride.

    As for historical things, if your dad did something (like save a persons life) they you would feel pride or whatever - so its natural, and I dont think there is anything wrong with it!

    So yeah, I am proud to be British. There are some aspects of our culture I don't like... For example I was watching a program on housing and there was one family who had 6 kids or something and were complaining that their (state) house was too small and needed a bigger one. It was a really nice house, and they were getting it for free and they were complaining (and having so many kids, if you can't afford it, dont have them!) A third of my earnings goes on my rent, and I live in a one-room flat with mould on the walls and a toilet that isn't even stuck to the floor.

    I'm not against social houseing or anything, its very good! But I think there is a culture of taking things for granted. When I was on job-seakers I hated it, but I needed it for a few months before I found a job. Some people are content to just live off it, which is wrong.

    Also chavs, I hate them and they ruin the country!

    I'm proud to be English over being British.

    Saying that you cannot be proud of your country simply because you didn't choose to be born there, that it was just a matter of luck, is illogical. We all contribute to our country's society - we pay taxes, we participate in community activities, national politics and sporting past times. Why not be proud of the end product of these actions - the British nation.
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