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Letter to your younger self. Watch


    Dear Me,

    Enjoy your liver while it lasts!


    Dear 6 year old me, go to the police when you still had the bruises.

    Eat lots, go to the gym as early as you can.

    Age erm 3-12:
    Drink milk!

    Age 16:

    Take four a-levels, do not take english lang and lit!!
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    Dear old self,

    sorry for my abrupt first letter.

    first of all to my young little self, maybe 5? Don't fall in love with your brother. That is NOT normal. Don't let him do any of that stuff to you.
    6?Don't hit your mum with a hammer, it's not safe.

    10? Don't lie that you did your hw and then get humiliated by Debbie. Your crush is an ugly old git and don't write that love letter to him.

    13, don't fall in love with that man who's 12 years older than you. Don't lie to him about your age, he will hate you. He will talk to you and encourage stuff a kid like you shouldn't know anything about.

    Dont laugh and follow the crowd and treat ShazB and F like crap.

    14? Yes, do what I told you before. Don't just sit there and cry.

    Btw, DONT you dare go out with Mozee, he is a cheating little weasel. Please please don't let him touch you like that. You should have said you were a virgin and you'd never kissed let alone done anything else with a guy before. And no, it's not cool to look "experienced" when you're not.

    Still 14? Don't go out with the 2 other guys after him. They're losers and one of them you'll find out is actually a cousin of yours. Ew.

    14? 5th April 2007 You'll meet the love of your life. But you'll treat him like nul. DONT. Don't mess around with him, don't make him cry. Don't go out with Duk's bro just to hurt him. He'll end up treating you just the way you're treating him. You shouldn't have slept with Duk's bro. Fine you kept your virginity, but there wasn't much else to spare was there?

    15? GCSEs? You haven't a clue have ya. Mucked about a tad too much. To say the least. Don't let Son and them change the person you are. Don't dress like a tart.

    16? You were quite good then. Still a bit sexual, as you've always been. But it's good you and Dipsey are still together.

    17? You'll be at another faze of your life. Don't get tooooo extreme babes. Don't cut Dipsey out too much. Lose that weight too. You look like a fat toad.

    18? Well hey that's me now. Start socialising. DONT write that fb comment to Russ you fool. You made it awkward. You're still with Dipsey. It's been nearly 4 years. Is it really working?

    Umm, I might've left a lot out Po, but you gotta read between the lines. If you need to say anything, you could reply back on the thread to your older self lol.


    ps. Don't shave your eyebrows off in yr 8 and then use eye liner to compensate.

    (Original post by Fandabidoze!)
    I know what you mean. Your post was one of the most interesting. I don't know whether interesting is the most appropriate word though. For some people, these posts are very heartfelt and it doesn't feel right (possibly insensitive) calling their past traumas interesting.
    I know what you mean by interesting. Maybe it is the right word. Sort of a sympathetic interest maybe? It's a good thread.
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    Oh btw Po, you end up looking HOT if I do say so myself. So learn to thread that moustache and your eyebrows too lol. It's only a few quid. You're gawjus, guys are still falling over themselves for you. Don't go for the losers. Look after yourself.

    Dear Charlotte aged 15,

    College isn't going to be all that, you will lose contact with most of your friends within a year. But go anyway since you will soon develop a huge interest in politics and you can't study it for A-level at this school.

    Don't bother with a girl called Louise, and avoid a boy called Jonny AT ALL COSTS.

    Some of the girls at school will start getting *****y, so come up with a few good comebacks so you're ready.

    That's all I got right now. You'll be alright. DW.

    Me, 20.
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    To a younger me,

    Next few years aren't going to be easy - you're heart's going to be broken by so many people but I promise you some good will come out of it. From it will emerge the best friend you ever had and he will keep you going day to day. You're going to fall out with your parents big time, and it won't be reversible, but please don't let what they did and do to you affect how you are with other people - you are worth something and you deserve to be treated like it. Learn to love yourself completely. You do great in GCSEs, be very proud of yourself. You fall in love unconventionally but don't let anyone, especially your parents, get involved in your relationship. Don't tell your parents. Over the next few years, build yourself up to be more independent so that when the time comes, you're ready to leave with your head held high. Oh, and that girl group you're with in high school? You're going to break apart from them, but will keep the friends you value. It's a good thing.

    Me, age 17.
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      Younger me,

      Take everything I have written down to a literary agent pronto. If you don't, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

      "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense..................."

      Try harder at everything you do in life. Just because you think there'll be someone better than you at it, it doesn't mean that you should give up or try less. Get with with Hollie or Harriet when you have the chance, instead of dawdling about for months and missing out on both, I don't have many regrets about girls, but that is most definitely one of the few. Oh, and learn to drive before you're 19.


      That's what I'd say. Nothing too much because I'd like to think that the event in my life have led me to where I am now and I'm happy about that, even if it hasn't always gone to plan. Everyhing that has happened, good or bad, has happened for a reason. The people I've met and befriended because of how my life went, I wouldn't change it for the world.

      Even though I'd like to think I turned out pretty well all things considered. I still did sports and did alright academically; but I never pushed myself properly and because of that I never really adopted the right attitude to be as good as I could be.

      Dear Hravan aged 12,

      Please don't start cutting yourself. It's bloody addictive, take it from me.

      Yours, Hravan aged 19.

      Dear Hravan 6 months ago,
      Put down that knife. Don't start cutting on your arms, stick to your legs. OK, it does feel a lot better on the arm but seriously it's not worth the hassle.

      Yours, Hravan December 2010.

      Dear eleven-year-old me (just before everything changed)

      Don't be afraid.

      Don't follow the crowd (blah blah blah! ), be whatever you want to be. it's ok to be different, you'll find more people like you in later life and find that it's actually a good thing!

      READ. seriously, i know you hate books, but it will be worth it.

      listen to that vodafone advert (at least when it comes out), make the most of now.

      continue to run about as much as you like. oh, and thank you for that.

      continue to watch lots of good t.v. - just cos reading's good, doesn't make telly bad just like how mum says, you'll find it'll make up 90% of the knowledge you have in 5 years time

      continue to notice things

      learn to play guitar

      it's ok that you don't speak very much but are a very hyper little girl at home.


      16-year-old you

      Dear younger me (aged 12),

      I'm not sure what to say, as you've always been such a sweet, precocious and a conformative child. But I suggest - get out more, rebel, talk back to your parents, stand up for yourself and get your head out of those books, you nerd!

      You don't want to be called boring, lonely and shouldn't be going to cinema alone at the age of 18.

      Anyway, whatever happens I'll always love you. :hugs:


      Yourself at the age of 18.

      Dear me,

      Dont try so hard to grow up, once your youth is gone, you can never truely get it back. Find something to live for and dont live life because you have to. Find what you love and indulge in it! Do not see people as better than you, discover the self confidence within you and take on challanges you would have never thought possible.

      Life is short, an hour may seem just an hour but once its gone and you're panicking for much needed time, you truely value its worth. Appreciate those who you take for granted.

      Be kind to people but do not expect anything back as for the majority of the time it will end in disappointment.

      Concealing your feelings by joking about everything may not be the best thing to do. People dont notice you're upset and the build up of frustration may result in mistakes made.

      Love people but trust no one.

      People forget.
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      Hi younger self

      Right, firstly you're a nerd, you know it but you won't realise for a few years now that you don't have to be. Stop sitting in the library and playing on games and get your butt in the gym, you'll find out that you're already stronger than a lot of people and that you enjoy it, and once you get yourself fit you'll find you actually like sport and its not torture its fun. Secondly convince your parents to let you give up piano lessons, once it stops becoming a chore you use it as an excuse to dodge homework and it becomes a major part of your life and you'll enjoy it more than you can imagine, oh and you're quite good at it. Also take up guitar, its not that hard and you can teach yourself.
      Thirdly don't be shy, talk to people, you're naturally funny and people like you once they get to know you, stop keeping yourself in a shell.
      Fourthly, and this really is important, say bye to dad while you still have a chance, he might seem like he's gonna be around for ever but believe me he won't, he's not invincible he's only human and the idea of "it happens to other people" really doesn't apply to your life in the next few years, things will go from bad to worse, you'll have to take on most of his responsibilities and you'll have to cope with that.
      Fifthly, just ****ing well ask her, or make a move, or do something instead of sitting on your arse cause she'll say yes, and if you still don't then, well, life turns out all right anyway.
      Sixthly when you start going to parties don't worry about drinking too much, you only overdo it a couple of times and you get some seriously hilarious stories out of it.

      Your 18 year old self

      Dear Carbondummy @ 15

      This year's gonna be tough, but you'll get through it. Remember to give yo momma some TLC. She's gonna need it. Enjoy your life, you will enjoy this year like hell... the good times won't end. But it will be the best. Cherish it.

      Never stop reading. Max your library card out. Remember it 10 books per week, not 1 every 2 months!

      Don't be afraid to trust others, you will have an amazing circle of friends in the future. But don't forget your old friends either.

      Control your urges to eat chocolate everyday. I know you don't eat it at all. But you will.

      Carbondummy @ 18

      dear flowermaster91,

      continue to study as you always have and dont mess about in year 10 which will unfortunately contribute to you getting lazier as you get older :facepalm2:

      Younger me

      Do not make a f-book page.

      Your older self

      Dear me (aged 12),

      So you've just started secondary school. Don't worry, those classmates who all pick on you now will gradually accept your weirdness and will become your best friends before you know it. And you're not fat. Being anorexic will not be worth it when your pancreas becomes calcified. So stop starving yourself.

      Take more risks. You'll always regret not kissing her, not going to that party, not saying that to her... Just do it.

      Actually, please don't go out with Suzanne, you knew she was weird yet you still ended up going out with her on/off for years, you never even liked the girl in the first place. Oh, and throwing your glass at a window WILL smash it, so don't do that either.

      Other than that, just do your thing dude and it will all work out in the end.

      You (aged 19)

      Dear TKC @ 11: nothing actually matters until you're 16, take more chances, do more stuff.
      Dear TKC @ 14: you can be gay and not act gay; there isn't a choice to be made.
      Dear TKC @ 16: intuitive knowledge is not what learning is about; you reap what you sow.
      Dear TKC @ 17: move out or in with a relative for 6 months, your parents will be kicking up one giant ****-storm soon and it'll ruin your exams.
      Dear TKC @ 18: high weight low reps, squats & oats, Mark Rippetoe.
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