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    (Original post by Rakas21)
    On TSR there few traditional Tories, most are broadly liberal.

    Also Blairite/David Miliband=very wet Tory (think TRG but more liberal)

    Brownite/Ed Miliband=Loony left

    I actually liked Blair.
    *******s! If Ed Miliband is Loony Left that makes those of us with Old Labour values unplaceable in your world. The Looney Left are the SWP and the likes of George Galloway. Being slightly to the Left of a warmongering idiot with big teeth (which is what Miliband, E, is) doesn't make him a loon. It does alienate him to many of his core supporters though.

    (Original post by tehFrance)
    See... it is because the electorate are idiots.

    I call on the house cede all power to me (tehFrance) and I shall make this country great again... hell you can invade and rule France... well I will invade and rule France as well as the UK... technically it will be France ruling the UK though as I am French and have French interests at heart :teehee:
    All i'm saying is Aquitaine...

    I've always fancied myslelf as King, might have to have a civil war to spice things up a bit ,between you and me
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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