Abu Hamza & co bye bye! A joyful week for the people of the UK


    (Original post by ohirome)
    I explained everything I need to explain. I sent you a short and sweet private message and yet you still don't grasp the concept. Its very simple. As for your theory there...well, thats not it at all, but fair enough.

    Quite how you think I have any issue with any ethnicity is beyond me. I respect everyone regardless of their ethnicity and if you think otherwise then...good for you.
    No you haven't. You've made quite an inflammatory remark then refused to explain your reasoning behind it.

    ohirome you made a statement that she is priveliged just because of her race

    the burden is on you to explain your reasons

    (Original post by Chloe xxx)
    I've already answered this question, no. Sharing media illegally is not the same as encouraging or plotting the killings of people.

    Why do apologists always introduce strawman arguments to prove their point?
    Firstly, I'm not an apologist.
    Secondly, I wasn't straw-manning anything.

    I was responding to your point about something or other that probably had no bearing on the actual thread yet had something to do with the American authorities thinking that they're the world police.

    (Original post by Chloe xxx)
    Reform terrorists?

    The EDL and BNP arnt plotting to kill people and blow people up are they?

    Its as simple as that. Are you a terrorist sympathiser or something?

    The Sun is a pretty crap paper but it gets a lot of backing which heavily influences these things. The majority of the UK doesnt want people like this here, so goodbye and good riddance to them.
    do you even know what a terrorist means? remember the classical quote 'One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter'.

    terrorism is never clear cut business.

    yes i am a terrorist sympathizer.what are you going to do send me to Guantanamo?

    remember dim human the nazis didn't kill anyone until they got into really power.the first thing the edl will do (if it ever gets into power and i hope to god it doesn't) because it is a typical far-right fascist scum is persecute the minority.

    you also cleverly forget to remember the ties the Norwegian mass murderer had with the edl.must have slipped your mind.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    lastly, are you a fascist sympathizer or something?

    Can I ask why people are celebrating that he has left?

    He is one man in 60 million people......

    Seriously? He was going to do absoloutely nothing because of the low life scumbag he is.

    I am happy he has gone but I couldn't care less because he has nothing to do with me and won't effect me at all....

    Abu Hamza is a foreigner. He is a hate preacher and criminal. Why should he remain here?
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Updated: April 18, 2012
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