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(Original post by SciFiRory)
the average wage is like £22k a year or something IIRC, so unless my maths is really off, £65k a year is nearly exactly thrice that.

I'm not saying they can't have some expenses and such, I mean travel and a hotel for those nights is reasonable enough, but a second home and such I can't agree to, there is a shortage of available housing as it is without MP's taking them when they can stay in a hotel or B&B like the rest of us would have to.

of course, and I would not support other posts in the public sector having overly generous salaries and such either, though I would point out that a lot of public sector jobs are actually paid quite poorly, nurses for instance and often on very low wages, as are social workers, just as an example, so I would use the money saved to boost wages for others in the public sector who aren't paid well
Your maths is fine, your data is wrong. Average salary as of 12 months ago was £26,500

Fine have a London hotel four nights a week 35 weeks a year, is 140 nights (slightly less than was actually sat last year). I'm staying in London with work on Thursday night and its £120, that would be almost £17k. I'm not sure how much of a saving that is (if anything) but living out of a hotel room is pretty awful.

Salaries for nurses go up to £98,453...

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