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why don't educated, ''high flying'' career women marry ''down''? watch


    (Original post by Dumachi)
    Some could argue there would be no world if it wasn't for men, so I would rethink that.
    I said believes, not that it was true :P
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    (Original post by Machop)
    I think it's pretty much the truth, historically marriage has never been about love and nowadays it's just a legal contract between two people which basically means nothing as demonstrated by the increasingly high divorce rates
    Surely it means all the more upon divorce? When I draft a contract my main concern's not what will happen whilst the parties are doing what they're supposed to but when someone breaches it. If I draft it badly it will become apparent upon breach not whilst it continues.

    (Original post by Dan1607)
    What has that got to do with anything?

    You think that having high figures of those things makes you a man?

    I don't think so. The fact that you even posted that shows how pathetic you are
    No, but if you abide by the misc version if masculinity those things are what matters.

    I doubt there are that many women in this situation. Most couples today will need two salaries to ensure quality of life in uncertain times. So I think your scenario only applies to the very rich. I don't know any very rich women so I don't really know what they are thinking.

    (Original post by PQ)
    General comment to some of the people posting on this thread
    c) not all women who do want children and who do want to do so biologically are ABLE to - constantly equating a woman's "value" to her fertility is HUGELY offensive and cruel to those women who are struggling with fertility issues
    In the vast majority of cases the reason a woman is biologically unable to have children is because she has waited too long. By encouraging women to have children in their twenties (if they want them) I am helping women to avoid this sad fate.

    If you don't like the brutal truth and would rather lie to young women that's fine. I'm going to say the truth: men have evolved to primarily value women for their fertility. No amount of feminist screeching about 'equality' or 'fairness' is going to change that. (Then, if a woman chooses a man to impregnate her, he further values her for her ability to be a good mother.)

    Most men don't particularly care about a woman's success.

    Why would a high flying career woman marry down, i mean come on
    What can a looser by her standards give what a man that is her equal cant ?

    (Original post by drake10)
    Actually, no. Men have evolved to be most attracted to the most fertile women. The younger a woman is the more fertility she has left.

    Perhaps by your metrics she offers more - she's more successful, more mature, has her own money, more cultured, etc - but by what men primarily care about (fertility / youth) she offers a LOT less.

    Marriage has become an increasingly bad deal for men over the past 40 years and the only reason left for men to get married is to have children. This means that youth / fertility are even more important than before.

    When you are a successful woman in your thirties and you ask "where have all the good men gone?" please remember this thread. The answer is simple: "They may have wanted you in your twenties but you were too busy focusing on your career. Now they still want women in their twenties because men overwhelmingly value youth, beauty & fertility over anything else."

    Look away now if you are of a nervous disposition.

    Of course this works both ways. Women want the best sperm for their children - younger, fitter men therefore. The older a man is , the more likely it is that his sperm will be deficient.

    If a woman has sex with 2 more men around the same time, the sperm of the first man will fight the sperm of the second. Presumably this has evolved because historically women often did enjoy several / many men at the same time?

    It makes sense genetically for women to have sex with more than one man rather than waste her time with just one who may have faulty, infertile sperm.

    Of course in very recent times historically speaking, the concerns about money, property, etc. have skewed the set up as men have had control of money etc. but now that women have more control ; with more job opportunities, independent wealth etc. the situation is gradually reverting more to what arguably it was in the previous times thousands or even millions of years ago, before people were aware of man's role in procreation.

    Women having children of different fathers and men circling around hoping to get some emotional security by being allowed to join in the family circle which was largely female at the core.

    I believe with most mammals where there is a disproportion of size between the male and female this is because the men have developed more strength in order to fight each other and have more access to women.

    In the human race, however, there is not a huge difference in size which would lead one to think that there are other elements than pure size and brute force operating here. No doubt the predilection of women for other characteristics, like good humour, generosity, being good with children, reliability, good looks, intelligence etc. would come into play.

    Studies of present day hunter gatherer societies show that women are responsible for at least half, maybe more, of the food brought in, so they would not need to rely on men for sustenance. When men set off to hunt , more often than not, they return empty handed. Presumably young men were sent off to hunt to get them out of the way.
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    (Original post by drake10)
    In the vast majority of cases the reason a woman is biologically unable to have children is because she has waited too long. By encouraging women to have children in their twenties (if they want them) I am helping women to avoid this sad fate.
    From the source linked earlier
    Total Fertility Rate
    2011: 1.93
    2001: 1.63

    TFR for women aged 20-25
    2011: 0.36
    2001: 0.35

    TFR for women aged 25-30
    2011: 0.52
    2001: 0.46

    TFR for women aged 30-35
    2011: 0.56
    2001: 0.44

    TFR for women aged 35+
    2011: 0.39
    2001: 0.25

    Please don't paint your "concerns" for women's fertility problems as a valid excuse for being hurtful and offensive. Especially when you seem to have little to no understanding of the ages of women having children, the ages that women go through menopause and fertility rates over time actually are in the UK.


    Infertility in women is also linked to age. The biggest decrease in fertility begins during the mid-thirties. Among women who are 35, 95% will get pregnant after three years of having regular unprotected sex. For women who are 38, only 75% will get pregnant after three years of having regular unprotected sex.
    Implying that "women in their 30s" are likely to be infertile is deeply ignorant

    Also don't forget it is MALE infertility that causes problems with conception in 30% of cases (40% where the cause is known) - and yet you characterise women as without worth if they're unable to produce a baby and persist in posting hurtful and offensive comments towards those women http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a6020/ma...ertility-chart

    (Original post by Pan's-Labyrinth)
    Thankyou at last someone who isn't a complete bully.

    Only insecure people would zone in on someones appearance and belittle them.
    Dont get why you were attacked for what you said tbh .
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