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Ways in which men are oppressed in the UK. Watch


    (Original post by forfrosne)
    Before I get to some of the better points you make

    That's just absolute bull****. Total and utter *******s right to the core of it. Maybe some 0.00001% do this. If a mother is in receipt of money from the father then it's almost certainly because she needs it to support the child. And what do you propose to do, not pay the costs? That punishes the child, not the mother, because the reality is that most mothers do not squander this money.
    I think the point is that a Non Resident Parent's wages can be garnished before tax; but it is not the right of the NRP to see their child(ren). The original CSA was made, so men could be chased to pay, rather than the Govt.

    (Original post by forfrosne)
    The thing is a lot of the issues you identify are very valid. Others aren't. For example the one I mentioned just a moment ago, as well as your point about the White Feather Movement; the White Feather Movement was not tied to feminism. It was done by women, yes, but not by feminists. It wouldn't even be internally consistent with feminist ideology and analysis to be a part of that movement in the first place.
    You don't do it in this post, you may do in another post in this thread but I don't have the time or energy to read every post in this thread, but most of the users who make similar arguments as you did in your first post then go on to argue that feminism is the cause of these issues. Even if you don't, others have done in this thread so I'll go ahead and take a few minutes to demolish that argument here.
    Agreed, but many on TSR are not at that stage about women's nature.

    (Original post by forfrosne)
    Most of the problems raised here are a result of gender roles. For example when you say child custody is biased in favour of women: Absolutely it is, because women are seen as mothers first and foremost (and people and/or workers second) while men are seen as the primary breadwinners, which in turn explains your other point about child support. In regards to male victims of domestic violence (an issue I'm particularly passionate about) and the high suicide rate, again that's a result of gender roles: men are expected to be tough, resilient, to bottle up their emotions, to not express themselves, to seek help, to show weakness or let the cracks show. When men step outside of that gender role and do those things, when men do come forward to police about domestic violence for example, they are mocked and told they are being pussies or some such term. This is what you talk about when you say "Being told to 'man up' and not complain when they dare to speak up about anti-male discrimination." Again: Gender roles. They are not fulfilling the gender role society says men are supposed to play.

    When we talk about the view of men as expendable, which obviously links in with your other point about workplace fatalities, you can again place this firmly in patriarchal gender roles about pre-conceived notions about how men and women are and how they ought to each behave. Again looking at this from a gender role perspective: Women are fragile little flowers incapable of hard labour, and it would be undignified for them do so, and anyway they ought really to be at home cooking, cleaning, or making babies. They can't be operating machinery and being housewives, after all.

    And when we talk about the number of workplace deaths being unbalanced gender-wise, that's because men take a disproportionate amount of the dangerous jobs. And that's not because women don't want to take them: for example discrimination against women in the construction industry (one of the major industries where workplace deaths happen) is well-documented (See here, here, or here, for example) This is partially again gender roles: women are weak and incompetent and unable to perform manly work like construction because we need manly men to do men work.

    And gender roles are pretty much the central thing feminism attacks. Feminists reject pre-conceived notions about how men and women 'ought' to behave; that women 'should' be housewives, that men 'should' be the stoic breadwinner. The feminist view is that every man and woman has a right to decide for themselves what they want for themselves and that society and others have no right to decide for us.
    Feminism enforces a part of the gender role - the part of men's responsibility & frees women's role only.
    http://www.direitosdoshomens.com/wp-...ess-Object.jpg Warren Farrell, 3rd man has campaigned for this for >30 years!
    Men still have (legal) responsibilities, women are presented with choices. No one says a marriage failed because the wife didn
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