How strict is your school uniform ?


    We wear Football Shirts or like Henleys T-Shirts under our Shirts and don't bother fastening any Shirt Buttons!

    We used to have a pretty strict uniform when I was in school. Leather shoes that covered the foot, no heel. Boots could not be worn unless the weather was especially bad. Skirt had to be a particular material and couldn't be higher than 10cm above the knee. They measured. Trousers couldn't be slim fit, skinny, high waisted, low rise, and had to be a patricular material. Only leather/leather-look belts with small silver buckles could be worn. White school shirt buttoned to the neck with a clip on school tie, no blouses. Either a black blazer with the school logo, or a navy v-neck jumper with the school logo. Sleeves couldn't be rolled up and these couldn't be taken off without permission. Hair had to be of natural colour and only sensible and professional cuts were allowed. No jewellery whatsoever apart from one pair of small studs in the ear lobes, and this was female only. Socks had to be plain black and rise above the ankle, but not to the knee. Tights had to be black and at least 100d. I got suspended for almost a week once for wearing skinny style trousers because they were the only ones I could get that fit properly at such short notice when my usual ones ripped (I have incredibly short legs). Because of medical conditions, I was allowed to wear trainers and because of my allergy to the metal of the clip in the clip on ties I got to wear a regular tie. By the end of year 11, I was so ill that I rarely attended and wasn't in normal classes anyway so I just turned up in a loose linen shirt with the top button undone and a black cardigan over the top, black tights with a jersey skirt, and trainers. They hated me for it, but it was the only way they could get me in. They were going to suspend me, but didn't want to ruin their exam results. They hid me from OFSTED inspectors and everything lol so glad I'm out of that place

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    I just don't wear my Blazer regardless!
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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