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19 and never had a boyfriend before watch

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    Money's the motive
    (Original post by hodobikar)
    education + ££ > boys

    Ask yourself if you really need a boyfriend.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Money's the motive



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    (Original post by Verrine)
    I'm now 19 and I've never had a boyfriend before. All of my friends have boyfriends, and I'd say I'm at least an 8/10.

    I've had some interest, but they were all from boys who are ugly. The other week this boy asked me out in front of my friends, but he's ginger ....I'm sorry if your ginger but you're just not attractive. He seemed pretty nervous so threw my juice over him....He's just a joke.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I was thinking of using tinder, and dating sites, but dating sites are just full of pervs who aren't good looking.

    I was thinking of getting into football because I think that might increase my chances, and at least ugly boys stay away from football.

    Any advice guys?
    um maybe don't be so mean to people or so superficial about how guys look? yes being attracted to them is important but come on you threw your juice on a guy who asked you out BC HE WAS GINGER?

    Did you seriously not expect this to backfire? You have showed people the exact reason why you've never had a boyfriend 😂 my boyfriend is ginger, and he's hot & even if he wasn't idc but I'll tell you what he has made me happy for three years. Good luck getting a boyfriend Regina George xxx

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    Guys, the OP is the same oxygen thief who vilified those suffering from mental illness as "weak", "stupid" and "lazy". (The thread in question was deleted yesterday, where she also that claimed all Caucasian are racists.)
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    I've attended two high schools. At both schools the hottest guys were gingers. You say gingers are unattractive. My best friend is a redhead and her twin brother is really cute. My friend is so insecure about her red hair. I'm okay with HER saying she wouldn't date a redhead. She still finds them attractive, she just says she always feels like she's related to them whenever she sees one.
    Anyways most of what I want to say has already been said. But I guess I have some advice and personal experience. I don't really date...No that's not right. I meet a guy he likes me, I like him and we hang out and text for a while, lots of flirting.. But that's it. So I've never had a proper boyfriend, unless you count sixth grade.
    I'm seventeen and in the last year I haven't really liked anyone. I guess I'm more focused on getting out of high school.
    Here's some advice: change the attitude and the way you treat people. You claim your really nice but from your posts I can't be too sure. It's not about how you act in front of others, it's about what you say about them later. Don't worry too much about finding someone, always happens to me when I least expect it. Like a guy from my past started texting me again. Completely out of nowhere. You just have to be patient and learn how to handle being single. Don't be the girl who depends on the affections of others to live.
    I may post something more later if something new happens. But until then Don't worry about it.
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