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I had a baby in my second year of university - AMA watch

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    (Original post by yungaheartz)
    I'm one of these people who have always been in two minds about having children, what do you say - is it worth it in the long run?

    I've never been crazy about having children (I do like them, just love my peace and quiet more) but I'm really scared that there might come a time in my life where I'll wake up one day and regret the fact that I never had kids

    what are the downsides to having kids?
    Having my son was the best, and will always be the best, thing I ever did - I couldn't go on if I didn't have him. When I was pregnant in the beginning, I looked at other people with their children thinking 'oh, I don't know whether I'd enjoy that - I don't feel a maternal glow when I see kids', but in my opinion, it's extremely difficult to love other people's children the way you love your own, so until you have them, you can't know the feeling.

    It is noisy sometimes, but I always think, it won't be like that forever - one day he'll be old enough to know he's playing too loudly etc. And when he's asleep it's too quiet

    The hardest thing for me is the sleep deprivation - Thatcher isn't a fantastic sleeper, and you have to teach babies how to sleep. But again, I know that at some point, how ever long away, he will sleep through the night. Plus, you get used to functioning on 4 hours sleep

    (Original post by Anna.Karenina)
    Hahaha! Of course, my lovely!

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    (Original post by MrsSheldonCooper)
    Because a kid whose totally screwed would have a mum who kept going through uni and would then get into one of the best unis in the world for a Masters.

    Shut up and stop being so nasty you sad a-hole.
    (Original post by MrsSheldonCooper)
    That sad moment when his eyelashes are longer than yours... He is so adorable ahhh. Did you have a C section or a natural birth?
    PRSOM to you both.
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