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    (Original post by Alasdair)
    So you're going to deploy multi-million/billion dollar assets designed to hunt Russian Nuclear Subs and project massive force across the globe to essentially launch a helicopter and a couple of boarding parties?
    Bit more than a couple of boarding parties.

    (Original post by Alasdair)
    Some auxiliary ships with Marines and choppers on board makes far more sense, and is a damn sight cheaper too. Not to mention, keeping assets free for all the other stuff navies like to do (invading small countries, fighting WWIII and the like).
    What will a couple of ships with heli's do? These Aux ships would be very slow and the heli's cannot go too far sfrom the ship. Either you would need loads of ships and loads of helis to deal with multiple targets, or loads of the pirates would get through the net.

    (Original post by Student2806)
    The US Navy would never send one of its supercarriers in there.
    1. It's far too expensive, especially given the fact American shipping is being affected by piracy in the area very little.
    You know that the US love to show off. I wouldn't be suprised if they did send one just for that show-off element. They also have crew itching to do something as they just sit there doing sweet F.A

    (Original post by Student2806)
    2. As you and I (in an earlier post) have already said, you don't need dozens of supersonic fighters here - helicopters are much more useful. It's not like the pirates are flying MIGs here.
    But Jets could cover a much bigger area. Its the same tactic we used against the U-Boat "Pirates" of WW2.

    Have a few jets about and a few groups of fast reation ships (most modern ships will have a heli such as a Lynx anyway) and it will be sorted.

    Incidentally - excellent article on fighting piracy off the Horn of Africa - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11...aha_discussed/
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