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(Original post by Indievertigo)
Doesn't matter though does it - there's no harm in including it, and a "not too likely" chance that it's needed. It wasn't considered too likely that a person might lay claim to the Moon... and you know the rest.
Yes, I suppose you're right. In that case, we should not rule out generating electricity from dogs on treadmills, since there's a "not too likely" chance that will be needed.

The german system? Is our system based on that then? From what I know about our system energy companies have to source a certain percentage of their energy from renewable sources, and if they don't then they must buy ROCs to make up for the shortfall. This system makes sense as it is essentially what you suggest but regulated by demand rather than bureaucracy.
Our system is completely different to the German one, with our one being based on bureaucracy, not the German, which is incredibly simple.

An initial trial? For a proven technology? I think you're missing the point of the competition, it's not to encourage producers to build power plants, it's to encourage producers/researchers to explore as yet untested renewably sourced energy production methods.
It's not a proven technology on the scale the trial is going to be performed on. It's still a fair point though - no genuinely new research will be started in an attempt to earn £50m.
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