Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Higher Paper 2016 Unofficial Markscheme


    At harshest marking, I'm at 91 or 92 out of 100! I felt that paper was much better than last years exams!

    For the vectors question, I said S was part of a straight line and proved it as they were multiples, would I get any marks for that? I said the first section of the vector in terms of a and b and then the rest of the line and noticed when they were factorised, scalar multiples were present.
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    (Original post by 34908seikj)
    Start a foundation thread, if you haven't already? Not going to find many foundation-ers in the higher thread ;/
    Good idea. I shall leave it to somebody else, if they would like.

    anybody got mark scheme for foundation maths paper?

    Harshly marked, think i got 86

    Could you possibly put the number of marks for each question in the second half?

    [QUOTE=LogicalFallacy;65190495]Hey, if anybody is willing to contribute the answers, and preferably the questions, then I shall set up a mark scheme for you all. Thanks in advance!

    Can people please attach question numbers to their answers? Method would be appreciated.

    This will be updated as I go along.
    Question 1. What is the volume of the prism? (2 marks)

    Area of face = 30cm²
    Length of prism = 25cm.

    30cm² x 25cm = 750cm³

    Question 2a. Reflect shape in line X = -1 (2 marks)

    Attachment 538919

    Accept correct reflection.

    Question 2b. Rotate shape 90° anticlockwise. (2 marks)

    Accept correct rotation.

    Attachment 538937

    Question 3. What is wrong with the questionnaire? Give two reasons. (2 marks)
    Attachment 538813
    'Too vague (i.e. not 1-2, 3-4 etc.)' and 'no time frame (i.e. not per week, per month, etc.)' are accepted.

    Create a better survey for him to use. (2 marks)

    Why is his maths class not a good sample? (1 mark)

    'Too small' and 'may be biased' are accepted,

    Question 4. Simplify. (all of question 4, 6 marks)
    P2 x P5 = P7

    G6 ÷ G4 = G2

    (K3)2 = K6


    Factorise n2 - 7nn(n-7)

    Question 5. Estimate 892 ÷ 18.9 (2 marks)
    Round to 1 significant figure

    900 ÷ 20 = 45

    Question 6. A teacher is picked at random. 3/5 chance they are female. 36 are males. (3 marks)
    How many teachers are there altogether?

    2/5 of teachers are male. 36 are male.

    2/5 of total = 36
    2 x 18 = 36
    18 x 2 = 90.
    Answer is 90 teachers.

    Question 7(?). Point is the midpoint. Where is the other end?
    Answer is (-3, -2)

    Question 8(?). Spinner, spins 300 times.

    Answer is 60.

    Question 10(?). Can the floor be varnished with 3 tins of 2.5 litre varnish and it is 5 m2 per litre. (5 marks)
    Attachment 538829

    2.5 m x 6 m = 15 m2
    2.5 m x 6 m = 15cm2

    10 m - (2.5 m - 2.5 m) = 5 m
    6 m - 2 m = 4 m

    5 m x 4 m = 20 m2

    15 m2 + 15 m2 + 20 m2 = 50 m2

    5 m2 per litre, 50 m2 ÷ 5 m2 = 10 litres

    2.5 litres per tin, 3 tins, 3 x 2.5 = 7.5 litres.

    Not enough, 7.5 litres is less than 10 litres.

    Answer is 'not enough' with evidence.

    Question 11(?). What percent of his total spending is his rent now?
    Answer is 36%.

    Question 12(?). Bisector of an angle
    Attachment 538913

    Correct perpendicular bisector of line

    Question 13(?). How many females visited the art gallery?
    66 students went on the trip.

    Males - Bowling - 4
    Females - Bowling - 6
    Total - Bowling - 10

    Males - Art Gallery - 9
    Females - Art Gallery - 11
    Total - Art Gallery - 20

    Males - Skating - 10
    Females - Skating - 26
    Total - Skating - 36

    Males - Total - 23
    Females - Total - 43
    People - Total - 66

    Answer is 11 females.

    Question 14(?).
    Attachment 538769
    Area of square = 10cm x 10cm = 100 cm²
    Area of circle = π5² = 25π cm²
    Area of shaded = Area of square - Area of circle = 100 cm² - 25π cm² = 100 - 25π cm²

    Question 15(?).

    Compare median, interquartile range and range.

    200 x 25% = 50
    200 - 50 = 150

    Last part, answer was 150.

    Question 16(?). (3.5 x 106) ÷ (5 x 10-3)


    Question 17(?).

    x = -0.4 or x = 4.4
    x = -1.1 or x = 5.1
    x = -1.7 or x = 4.7

    Question 18(?).

    2 4/5


    Question 19(?).
    x < 7

    Question 20(?). Solve X² = 4(X-3)²
    X² = 4[(X - 3)(X - 3)]
    X² = 4[X² - 3X - 3X+ 9]
    X² = 4[X² - 6X + 9]

    X² = 4X² - 24X + 360 = 4X² - X² - 24X + 360 = 3X² - 24X + 360 = 3[X² - 8x + 12]0 = 3[(X - 6)(X - 2)]

    X = 6 or X = 2

    Question 21(?). What is the chance of the match being cancelled when it does not rain?
    Attachment 538811
    0.8 x 0.05

    Answer is 0.04.

    Question 22(?). What is the angle?

    Angles in a triangle add up to 180°, base angles in an isosceles are equal.
    180° - 48° - 48° = 84°

    Angle at centre is twice angle at circumference.
    84° ÷ 2 = 42°

    Angles in a triangle add up to 180°, base angles in an isosceles are equal.
    (180° - 42°) ÷ 2 = 69°

    Answer is 69°.

    Question 23(?).
    a + b

    -a + 3b


    Point S is on both lines and is the point at which the lines intersect.

    Question 24(?).
    Table - 100, 25, 4

    Question 25.
    Attachment 538759

    (3-√6) ÷ 12
    can you please explain the last question? any idea for the grade boundaries?

    75+? Wasn't it's 126 last year for an A?

    is question 18 the fraction question. if so, didn't they ask to write it in a mixed number?

    (Original post by DrPeter)
    There are people on this forum who have not yet sat this exam. Some may be asking to confirm questions and answers only to get the questions and answers for when they sit it later today.

    The grades will rise if you give answers on here. Do not jeopardise your grade by giving answers until tomorrow.

    Oh well

    (Original post by iMacJack)
    If anyone is struggling with a question, tell me the details of the question and I'll provide an answer for you to stop ye debating (hopefully)

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    i didn't get the graph ones at all!!

    (Original post by TheOtherSide.)
    Mr M didn't you say that discussion of the exam isn't allowed until tomorrow?
    Yes it is giving answers to candidates that haven't yet sat the exam. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, TSR has decided not to try to protect the integrity of the exam so are allowing discussion after all.

    (Original post by bethanyjx)
    I think I got around 84..I was really really hoping for an A* so let's hope this next paper is promising :-)
    An A* is usually around 80, so well done. I think I got around 92

    I square rooted both sides of X^2 = 4(X-3)^2 to get X = 2X - 6 which i then solved to get X = 6, I dont quite get why this isn't allowed but will i at least get part marks as I got 6 which was one of the answers?

    Question 21 is incorrect

    This is what Edexcel told me last summer.

    "A levels and GCSEs are taken all over the world by thousands of international students. Unfortunately, due to time zoning, it is not possible all students to sit the examinations at the exact time as our UK candidates, meaning they will sit later in the day. Technically, posting any content online is a copyright issue, but the primary concern for us is where a paper and answers are posted within 24 hours of an examination being sat. We ask all our teachers that they abide by the exam board's regulations in order to uphold the integrity of the examination.

    As it causes a large number of complaints, may I ask that in future, you observe the 24 hour moratorium before posting the examination online?

    Very kind thanks

    Matthew Greenhalgh
    Investigations Team
    Business Improvement and Regulation
    Pearson Education"

    We need the amount of marks for the later questions otherwise it's very difficult to estimate the mark you got.

    what was question 20?

    Could you please add the marks for each question?

    It doesnt show marks for all of them.

    How many marks is it for an A* averagely? I counted it up and highest I could get is 79 and lowest is 71.
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