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I mentioned the influence of Chartists very briefly as it was outwith the time period, and just said how they encouraged the development of other pressure groups such as the Reform League and Reform Union. I then went on to talk about the NUWSS and the WSPU.

Then I looked at the wealth creating middle class that developed in Britain in the 1860s and how they campaigned for (and got) the vote in 1867, and then went on to help the working classes get it.

For political advantage I did the how Conservatives 'dished the Whigs' after taking the impetus for reform from them and how the were ultimately increasing the electorate. Then I did about the introduction of the Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act in 1883 and how it made voting fairer etc.

Lastly I did the changes abroad such as Britain's sympathy with the North in the American Civil War and the 1848 'year of revolutions' and how the government had to revaluate their position because of these.

I struggled to take bits of out my extended essay though, so I think I left out a couple of pretty important paragraphs, but oh well
oh dear, i think it's safe to say i didn't do too well on that essay
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i've did Bismarck and Nazi's in power. gonna skim over rise just incase theres a freak accident - banking on the bisman coming up!

Britain i ain't so confident about, know liberals why and woman, and i could probably write a liberals how essay just incase. is that okay?

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