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So you believe it's better to make both the UK and the EU suffer, instead of working together?

Basically, the UK isn't that fantastic, I know people like to think it is, but we aren't doing that great in both money and lifestyle. Sure, Eastern Europe is poor, but they doing better, thanks to some of our money. We help them because they need the growth. In the end, they can become very good trading partners, and this would help to boost UK exports. Look at what the US did for Japan and South Korea, through financial and judicial support, they have become economic powerhouses and a huge partner to the US. A lot of European countries see this as an investment, hence why it's usually just the UK and perhaps Denmark that veto proposals.

Our GDP is good, but the combined EU GDP is the highest in the world, higher than the US, China and Russia.

The UK needs to take a back seat in this, we don't always need to try be at the centre of everything. We don't have the money nor representation to take direct control of the EU. It doesn't mean we are giving in to our neighbours, it means we are working with them. They've got an idea and the time, money and resources to do it, so why not let them take the risk for you?

The UK wasn't even a founding member, and did not join until 1973. This was a good 16 years after the first steps were taken in the process towards economic integration.

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It's better that we safeguard our own interests than roll over in the name of 'progress' for nations other than our own.

And again I reiterate, Eastern European growth helps who most? Those that need new markets to export to. Germany being the main beneficiary then? At the same time we see sovereignty infringed in our courts, we see economic paths attempting to be taken that would seriously hurt our economy. If the EU would instead respect us as a sovereign nation then there would be no issue. I have no problem investing in Europe, the issue comes because that is not what the EU is. Don't you think that it's natural that those of us that stand to gain little, and have our sovereignty and economies attacked are perhaps a little perturbed by the whole process?

So I'll say again, I'm happy to help our neighbours in Europe, but on our terms.
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So far we have seen politicians from the US, Japan and Australia telling us to stay in the EU. The ridiculous thing is that if you transposed the EU to the Americas or the Pacific - but kept the same conditions of free trade and free movement - none of those nations would agree to join. Imagine telling Australians they had to allow Indonesians and Filipinos the freedom to come into Australia and work there; or telling Americans they had to have free movement of goods between Mexico and the US, it just wouldn't happen.

It is also worth remembering that Kevin Rudd - the Australian who has told us we'd be silly to leave the EU - is the person who a decade ago was telling us we were stupid for refusing to join the Euro.
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To be honest first of all for personal reasons as I want in the future to live and work in the UK I do nto want to see the UK our of the EU,although even if they join EFTA or the Norwegian model they will still allow the EU people to migrate without VISA etc etc

But to talk about the pure benefits and loses of the country after an exit from the EU I will dissapoint you..

Honestly within 5 years after a "Brexit" you will teste the difference.The exit from the EU will result in the loss of thousands of job positions and even millions of jobs as many multinationals will prefer to leave and get established to EU countries where they can manufacture,sell without too many taxes and charges.After some years unemployment will climb up to 20%!Not to say that the salaries will get lower and lower and the inflation will climb.

The stock market will go down as many investors will prefer the EU countries rather thna an isolated country.The GBP value will certainly go down and you will see in 2025 that 1 euro will be equal to 2 GBP!The banking sector will go down as many finance sources will not be anymore available from the EU.

I predict that years after a Brexit the UK will need a bailout maybe from USA or other countries but the terms of borrowing will be very unfair and harsh to the economy and people..

I am sure that many of the MPs and the government realise all these disasterous consequences and I am sure that if they decide a referendum they will do their best to inform people and finally the people will decide wisely.

I am not against democracy but I want democracy to actually work.Yes to a referendum BUT a real referendum.Not something that will let people dissapointed from some EU policies and to say their opposition to vote their country to exit the EU and harm themselves,their children and grandchildren!

Just like Cameron said there is no return.If you vote out and within a decade you see all the problems and realise your mistake it will not be possible to return to the EU.Not until at least 20 years or more have passed

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