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    (Original post by Silly_Monkey)
    I never claimed benefits or taken council accommodation. Nice to see you try and assume things, fool.

    It is the UK and yes it is about skin colour. Experience, statistics all tell a different story.

    Why assume I am talking about you personally. Bit paranoid there aren't you? You are trying to make it about skin colour. Shame on you. The UK is the least racist country on the planet and you know it. Tell me one less racist country then??? I've lived in five countries and travelled the globe. The only fault with UK people is they are easily manipulated by their sense of fair play.

    white people are the ones who do the discriminating it's a white mans world

    (Original post by Itsallaconundrum)
    Im sorry but that comment is utter trash. What do you mean black people are more likely to be criminals and they should be stopped more, therefore? That's the same issue that is going on in America, this notion that blacks and other racial minorities deserve to be stopped and KILLED on the street, not because of their actions but because the level of melanin in their bodies are higher than others. Skin colour and societies incorrect perception. As a result, many young lives are being destroyed, families ruined because of this foolish idea, and worst of all, the vast majority of people don't care because [they have a tendency to commit crime]. And deserve to be harassed and killed by the police, therefore.*

    Absolutely ludicrous. I don't see how that's the point. Yes, 10% of black males are *incarcerated the uk, but does that mean ALL have the tendency to steal or commit crime. NO. The basis of your argument is not solid. Generalising because of statistics isn't the way forward mate. This is the thing I'm talking about; racism in the uk is much more subtle.*
    I used to think the same- the only difference between races is the amount of melanin but it is actually a lot more than that.
    take for example IQ of races.
    IQ cannot be changed by education its designed that way.
    That's broken your argument. If IQ is different between races then why can't races have other mental attributes.
    You need to realise if you allow races to develop within one species then obviously they will be different because they've adapted to different environments.

    (Original post by Marco1)
    Who is it that tells minorities that Caucasian are the ideal? Funny because Caucasians are a very diverse bunch in themselves, with different cultures, beliefs, religions, national identities etc. They wouldn't say something so silly because it makes no sense. I think your suggestion is rubbish.
    Western nations such as UK, USA etc place themselves as most developed, third world countries are told to be more like them.

    (Original post by GdotMdot)
    Western nations such as UK, USA etc place themselves as most developed
    Not a question of 'placing themselves'. Why say such a strange thing?

    (Original post by GdotMdot)
    Third world countries are told to be more like them.
    You repeat the same thing without answering my question - Who? So who tells them?
Is the Big Bang theory correct?
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