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Tories now with a 14pt lead in the polls... watch

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    (Original post by Bornblue)
    No, not at all.

    Why is it okay for corporations to pour money into the Tories to represent the interests of a handful but not okay for unions to fund labour as represents thousands of ordinary workers?

    Also as AJ12 pointed out, in 2010 Tories spent twice as much as labour.
    I suggest you actually read what is being said rather than what you want it to say. Changing from an opt out to opt in system does not stop unions donating on the behalf of their members, unless of course all members decide they don't want to chip in but then they wouldn't be affiliated in the first place. Perhaps one of the interesting things to look at would be the party financing 2010-14. The most that any party got in a single donation was Labour from Unite, the unions combined contributing just shy of half of Labour's income. A further third then came from public funds, mostly short money. The single biggest donation by an individual, was to Labour by John mills. Individual donations made up just over 10% of income. Businesses, about 5pc

    If we jump over to the Tories individual donations provide almost three quarters of funding. Business another 20pc with the single biggest business donor barely donating more with all donations combined than Labour's largest individual donation, and unincorporated associations make up the rest. Further, most of biggest corporate donors are actually privately held which means it's donated that way rather than as an individual because donations aren't tax deductible.

    In essence, what you are suggesting is that the only people who should be allowed to make donations are the poor via a union that lacks transparency.

    As for 2010, the party in opposition has a major funding advantage until the election year due to the amount of public funding, the only year in the last parliament the Tories raised more money, if going may to may, was 2014-15. In 2010 the Tories were in opposition so had a major funding advantage, and that's before considering the financial crisis and Gordon Brown scaring away masses of Labour's private and corporate investment (bet you weren't complaining about corporate donations under Blair).

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