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    (Original post by Fullofsurprises)
    Individual Guardian journalists are hardly able to control what the Scott Trust does, any more than Sun journalists can control Murdoch. Everyone in the media is some kind of hypocrite over some issue or other. The Guardian has done for, far more than any other part of Britain's sleepy and compliant media to expose the scale of tax dodging. Singling them out for attack is the hypocritical thing, but even if they are hypocrites, I'd sooner have them than the sleazy odious right wing manipulations of the oligarchs and their timid pet papers.
    Ironic that you should write this on the day that Guardian journalists force their former editor, Alan Rusbridger to withdraw his candidature as Chairman of the Trust!

    I don't blame them by the way, he was a disaster for the newspaper from a business perspective, but it hardly supports your contention that the journalists have no influence over the Trust.

    I would like you to show me a single article where any of the editorial decision makers or star columnists publicly criticise the Scott Trust's unethical investment policies and industrial scale tax dodging that puts Starbucks to shame?

    Can you do so?

    I don't think you can but would be interested to be proven wrong. I say they don't bite the hand that feeds them but show me some fearless Guardianista journalistic campaigning on the matter, if you can...

    It goes to my essential point which is that the right understands human nature and is honest in pointing out that anyone who is sensible minimises their tax exposure to the full extent the law allows. And that the left are naive, and hypocritical on the subject of the morality of taxation.

    To those who disagree with the above contention I will set a simple challenge. Is there ANYONE on here who writes a cheque at the end of the year to HMRC? Over and above their liability, to help out the poor and oppressed within our society?


    No-one pays more tax than they have to. They just want other people to.
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