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Suggest me a good film to watch Watch


    (Original post by AliciaJ703)
    Seen it, awesome film, kind of confusing but that's what makes it brilliant!

    (Original post by Prussianking666)
    City of God!!!!
    Is that a french film? Not a big fan of foreign films

    (Original post by Zakky)
    Seen it, pretty good, not amazing but good. :p:

    (Original post by heidigirl)
    Looking for Eric. It is a brilliant film, and it's got Eric Cantona in it!!
    A British sports drama... hmm.. dont think I would like it :p:

    (Original post by Doyle&TheFourFathers)
    darjeeling limited
    Being obtained!

    (Original post by JacobM)
    Primer will keep you occupied for hours. And is great science fiction
    Sounds cool, getting it..

    (Original post by DJ AgnieszkaA)
    kingdom of heaven
    the island
    minority report

    edit... also
    pirates of the carribean movies
    enemy at the gates
    Seen most of them but you recommending pirates of the carribean has made your suggestions invalid, sorry

    (Original post by hyper-maniac92)
    can i just say that you have an EXCELLENT taste in film!
    Hehe thanks!

    (Original post by fishbass)
    moon, daybreakers and battle royale
    Thanks, getting moon and daybreakers, battle royale is foreign isn't it?

    (Original post by CombineHarvester)
    LA Confidential.
    Seen it.

    (Original post by Maxy-Q.O.S)
    The Departed is legendary! One of the best films I have ever seen! A good old one aswell is Enemy of the State!
    Seen them both.

    (Original post by JAKstriked)
    City of Angles
    A Serious Man

    there are plenty more good films.

    edit: A Beautiful Mind. is epic
    Seen beautiful mind, yeah it's good. Getting A serious man, not sure about city of angels, the revies arn't that good

    (Original post by Cesare Borgia)

    Subtitled but a cracking film.
    Don't like foreign films :o:

    (Original post by paddyman4)
    Blood Diamond might be the right type of film.

    Just from your list, you seem to like Christian Bale and Ed Norton a bit. Try American Psycho, Harsh Times and 25th Hour.
    Seen blood Diamond, seen American Psycho, Seen Harsh times all awesome films, havn't seen 25th hour, I'll get that, thanks!

    (Original post by OceanInTheSky)
    The Man From Earth

    Watch it now. Thank me later.
    Looks awesome, getting it, thanks!

    (Original post by small_fry)
    Requiem for a Dream if you want something a bit different
    Seen it, awesome cinematic (is that the word?) with good plot and "meaning" to it.

    (Original post by Roobsa)
    Martyrs, Adventureland, Enemy at the the top of my head.
    Thanks, I'll check them out!

    (Original post by shark67)
    executive decision
    the fugitive
    behind enemy lines
    air force one
    rat race
    Seen the fugitive, air force one, rat race, ill check out the other two!

    (Original post by francake)
    Thank You For Smoking, it's brilliantly sadistic. Book's good too
    Seen it, one of my favourite films actually, has an awesome "cool, sleek" feel to it!

    The Lives of Others

    The Edukators and City of God , especially The Edukators - one of the best films I've ever seen.

    I watched Taken recently, and thought it was really good.

    (Original post by kevin_123)
    Seen beautiful mind, yeah it's good. Getting A serious man, not sure about city of angels, the revies arn't that good
    my mistake. I actually meant City of God.

    I've never seen the other film.

    Goodbye Lenin and Brazil

    Wind That Shakes the Barley, This Is England and La Haine

    2001 a space odyssey

    (Original post by CrookedLegs)
    The Edukators and City of God , especially The Edukators - one of the best films I've ever seen.
    oh i adore that film.

    Sperminator Salivation. It's quite full on.

    troy = quality

    (Original post by NowBor)
    Dead Mans Shoes
    Actually have that film but havn't got round to seeing it, is it really that good?

    (Original post by SiobhanC)
    A Few Good Men. :yes:
    Looks good, getting it.

    (Original post by ParadigmShift)
    Crank 1 and 2
    Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
    The Bank Job
    Have them all and seen them all apart from lock stock, is it really that good?

    (Original post by LOV3R)
    This is a really warm and romantic film 'Excess Baggage'. Great film with great music.... One of my favs...
    Didn't I say no romance films :rolleyes:

    (Original post by Jelkin)
    What's that one with Kate Winslet and Kevin Spacey about the guy who has spent his life campaigning against the death penalty and is on death row?

    Oh yeah, The Life of David Gale. I thought that was pretty good, although it's been about six years since I saw it so I might be mistaken.
    Thanks, I'll check it out

    (Original post by Louise_x)
    Slumdog Millionaire

    I love these three. Amazing.
    Seen 21, was pretty good, not amazing but decent. Seen slumdog Millionaie, again pretty good but felt a lil bit boring at times. Havn't seen watchmen, I'll get that..

    (Original post by Nimbus)
    Don't say a word
    Well, I thought the storyline was interesting anyways!xD
    Pretty bad reviews though :o:

    (Original post by Maturity)
    The Matrix - can't beat it.
    Tried watching it on two occasion but I just get bored right from the start.. I'll try again someday though

    (Original post by Louise_x)
    Oh, and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. That one is pretty amazing too...
    Seen it, pretty good but a little bit too far-fetched and slightly boring at times..

    (Original post by neomilan)
    not my favourite nor is it considered a good film, just one that i thought of just now

    green street hooligans

    if you like violance and football
    good story too
    dont like football :p:

    (Original post by neomilan)
    hotel rwanda
    Seen it, pretty good..

    (Original post by dylan2592)
    Good Will Hunting
    Seen it, very good!

    (Original post by Mr. Bungle)
    1. Dead Man's Shoes

    2. There Will Be Blood

    3. Let The Right One In
    Got them all, havn't seen dead man's shoes yet though. There will be blood I found awesome, one of my favo films, Let the right one in is pretty good, didn't watch all of it though..

    Dunno if its been mentioned or not, dont really want to have to scroll through the 5 pages to find out but here's a few suggestions:

    Vanilla Sky
    Twelve Monkeys
    Devil's Advocate (GREAT film)
    Wall Street (You can watch it just in time for its upcoming prequel this year )
    Constantine (another great reeves film)
    Seven Pounds (I've never cried to a film, apart from this has a slow start but it all builds up to the climactic finish which just hits you like a wave)
    Pursuit of Happiness (Not quite as powerful as seven pounds, but still a pretty damn emotional film)
    Lucky Number Slevin

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head, as you can see quite a few of my faves focus on dystopian futures, I love those type of films. Too bad I've seen almost all of them, we need more!!

    (Original post by kevin_123)
    Have them all and seen them all apart from lock stock, is it really that good?

    The curious case of Benjamin Button

    Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels (watching it on TV at the moment)
    Chapter 22
    The Boat that Rocked
    American Beauty (not sure if you said that one)
    Godfather Trilogy? (also on tv)
    The Big Lebowski
    Rebel Without A Cause (if you like the good old oldens with james dean)
    Withnail and I
    Fight Club
    Clockwork Orange
    Superstars: Karen Carpenter story
    The Hangover - LOVE this film
    tropic thunder :p:
    OH! AND The Usual Suspects
    Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind - trippy!! :eek3:
    back to the future
    top gun
    the green mile
    Kill Bill :confused:
    OR for a very very random 'educational' thing, watch an unconvenient truth

    HAVE FUN :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo:

    (Original post by RabbitCFH)
    This Is England, The Believer, A Midnight Clear, Dark Blue, Gridiron Gang, Any Given Sunday, Friday Night Lights, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Thing, The Italian Job.
    Sorry too many, choose ONE that is really good instead :p:

    (Original post by homebythefence)
    Inglorious Basterds. Such a great movie.
    Seen it, pretty good but boring at times, still loved it though!

    (Original post by AnonymousPenguin)
    The Painted Veil

    All of last years Oscar nominees. This year's are a bit meh, but The Hurt Locker is awesome.

    EDIT: Inglorious basterds are soo awesome. So is Thank you for smoking.
    Seen inglorious and thanks for smoking, I'll check out the hurt locker..

    (Original post by little_wizard123)
    Jackie Brown, A Clockwork Orange, The Godfather!?
    Seen Jackie brown, loved it, seen the godfather, most boring film ever, clockwork orange is too old..

    (Original post by Ears)
    Im guessing you have enough films to watch now.
    One can never have enough films to watch!

    (Original post by Earl Nuce)
    No Country For Old Men
    Rear Window
    Spirited Away
    A Clockwork Orange
    Seen no country for old men, good film, the others are either foreign or too old :p:

    (Original post by DaveSteed24)
    The Good the Bad and the Ugly - absolute favourite film Classic
    Too old, the oldest films I'll watch is 1990+ i do make exceptions though

    (Original post by hamster33)
    try watching wall street. its kinda old, but the sequel is coming out later this year so now would be a great time to watch it.
    Old but seems interesting, thanks I'll get it!

    (Original post by FrancesO)
    Primer! :love: intelligent time travel film.
    Someone else recommended it, geting it as we speak

    (Original post by ilovepolska)
    join my wolfpack, the hangover is the best-est.
    yet to see the hangover, think I'll find it boring though..

    (Original post by Celtic_Anthony)
    The Deer Hunter
    Apocalypse Now
    We Were Soldiers

    Once Upon A Time In America
    The Godfather (and The Godfather: Part 2)

    Foreign Cinema
    La Haine
    Das Edukators/The Educators
    Das Leben Des Anderes/The Lives of Others
    Europa Europa
    The Motorcycle Diaries
    Waltz with Bashir

    That's enough for now.
    Seen the Godfather and the deer hunter.. don't really enjoy foreign or old films

    (Original post by CryogenicTribe)
    you've seen some **** films as well
    Really? Which ones would you say were ****? Very interested in your reply!!

    (Original post by Ooops)
    The Usual Suspects
    28 Days Later
    Dead Mans Shoes
    The Godfather 1 and 2 the thirds pretty poor
    If your prepared to read subtitles or fluent in German then Downfall and The Wave are pretty good
    Seen 28 days later and memento, pretty good, seen parts of the usual suspects, need to get round to watching all of it, I have dead mans shoes, need to get round to watching that as well, seen the godfather, goudn it boring :p:

    Not sure if it was mentioned cause i didn't scroll through all the pages, but Funny Games is like my favourite film. It's great

    (Original post by kevin_123)
    Sorry too many, choose ONE that is really good instead :p:
    Can't choose just one. Check them out in this order: The Believer, This Is England, A Midnight Clear, Any Given Sunday.

    Nice post btw.

    (Original post by *Mazz_Peace*)
    If you've seen Shaun of the Dead then you will probably like Hot Fuzz. Its by the same director and has the same main characters. I saw it recently and really enjoyed it, very funny!
    Seen them both and I disagree, Shaun of the dead was clever, witty and interesting where as Hot Fuzz felt stupid and immature..
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